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Marcus Thompson - Viola and Viola d'Amore

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Repertoire with Orchestra

* recorded by Marcus Thompson
^ otherwise available on record or CD

Works for Viola Soloist

Bartok Viola Concerto, Op. Post.* timp, perc, strings 21' Boosey & Hawkes
Berlioz "Harold in Italy," Op. 16^ 4.2.+2 cornets 3.1. timp, perc, hrp, strings 47' Breitkopf or Kalmus
Bloch Suite Hebraique* timp, perc, hrp, strings 12' G. Schirmer
Bloch Suite* timp, perc, 2 hrp, celesta, strings 25' G. Schirmer
Bruch Romance, Op. 85^ timp, strings 9' Schotts
Francaix Rhapsodie* contra, 2.2. percussion, harp 10' Schotts
Harbison Viola Concerto (1990)^ timp, perc, harp, celesta, strings 20' Associated Music
Hindemith Der Schwanendreher* timp, hrp, 4 vcl, 3 db 24' Schotts
Hindemith Trauermusik^ strings 6' Schotts
Holst Lyric Movement^ strings 10' Oxford University
Jarrett, K Bridge of Light^ strings 17' Cavelight Music
Jongen Allegro Appassionato^ harp, strings 12' Leduc
Jongen Suite Symphonique, Op. 48* strings, timp, perc, harp, strings 22' Lemoine
Newman Viola Concerto (1985)* strings, piano, timp 20' G. Schirmer
Penderecki Viola Concerto^ 2(pic).2.2.2. (contra) timp, perc, celesta, strings 18' Schotts
Piston Viola Concerto^ timp, hrp, strings 20' Associated Music
Serly, T Viola Concerto* 2.2., timp, strings 24'30 Performer's parts
Schnittke Viola Concerto^ 3 (pic, alto flute), 3 (English horn), 3 (Eb,, (contra),, timp, perc, harp, cel, harpsichord, pno, 8 vla, 8 vc, 8 db 35' G. Schirmer
Stamitz, K Viola Concerto in D Major, Op. 1^ strings 25' Breitkopf
Telemann Viola Concerto G Major^ strings, harpsichord 15' Barenreiter or International
Flos Campi^ 2 perc, hrp, celesta, string, chorus 23' Oxford University
Walton Viola Concerto (1929)^
(Revised version 1962) 4.2.3 timp, hrp, strings 23' Oxford University
Weber Andante and Hungarian Rondo^ 12' Schotts

Works for Violist and One Other Soloist

Benjamin Romantic Fantasy^
(Violin and Viola) strings, timp, perc, pno 23' Boosey & Hawkes
Bruch Double Concerto for Viola and Clarinet, Op. 88^ timp, strings 17' Simrock
Mozart Sinfonia Concertante, K. 364 (Violin and Viola)^ 2 ob, 2 hrns, strings 25' Breitkopf or Kalmus
Dittersdorf Sinfonia Concertante for Viola and Double Bass^ 2 ob, 2 hrns, strings 18' Yorke or Hofmeister
Telemann Concerto for Two Violas^ strings and continuo 12' Muller
Wranitzky Concerto for Two Violas^ timp, strings 20' Hofmeister

Works for Viola d'Amore Soloist

Hindemith Kammermusik # 6,
Op. 46 #1^ 3 vcl, 2 db 16' Schotts
Loeffler La Mort de Tintagiles^ 4.2.+2 cornets 3.1., timp, perc, hrp, strings 24' G. Schirmer
Martin, F Sonata da Chiesa* strings 15' Universal
Telemann Concerto in E minor for Viola d'Amore, Oboe d'Amore and Flute^ strings, harpsichord 15' Peters (5884)
Vivaldi Concerto in D minor
F, I # 2^
strings, harpsichord 12' Ricordi