Ageist Language

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Section 7.5.2

Ageist Language

Senior citizens has become a catchall term for the country's older population, but many find it off-putting because of its political connotations. Similarly, the elderly implies feebleness to some. When referring to members of this group, try to find a label that describes more spcifically the population or person you have in mind: people over sixty-five, retirees, octogenarians. More generically, the term older people, although vague, impies nothing negative. Of course, avoid disparaging terms, as well as informal ones such as old folks, seniors, and golden agers. More importantly, avoid langauge that stereotypes older people as mentally or physically enfeebled.


Dr. Frank Martinez, a senior citizen, continues to maintain a vigorous practice despite his age.


Dr. Frank Martinez, now seventy years old, continues to maintain a vigorous practice.

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