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Title: Underline book titles (including spaces). Include any edition number in parentheses immediately before the period ending the title element.

Publication information: List the city (written out in full). If the city is not well known or could be confused with another location, add the state (two-letter postal abbreviation) for U.S. locations or the country for foreign publishers. End the location information with a colon and a space followed by the full name of the publisher (omit such terms as Publishers, Company, and Inc.).

Book by One Author

     Lightman, A. (1991). Ancient light: Our

changing view of the universe. Cambridge, MA:

Harvard University Press.

Book by Two or More Authors

     Chomsky, N., & Halle, M. (1968). The

sound patterns of English. New York:

Harper & Row.

Edited Book or Anthology

Place the editor or editors (followed by the abbreviation Ed., or Eds. in parentheses) in the author position.

     Spudich, J. L., & Satir, B. H. (Eds.).

(1991). Sensory receptors and signal

transduction. New York: Wiley-Liss.

Book by an Institutional or Organizational Author

     Council of Biology Editors. (1994).

Scientific style and format: The CBE manual

for authors, editors, and publishers (6th ed.).

Chicago: Cambridge University Press.

Government Publication

     United States Department of

Transportation, Federal Aviation

Administration. (1989, 21 September). Air

traffic control. In FAA Handbook (7110.65F

with Changes 1-5) (pp. 123-98). Washington,

D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office.

Book with No Listed Author

     The business of roses. (1974). Los

Angeles: Little and Long.


     Heisenberg, W. (1930). The physical

principles of the quantum theory (C. Eckart &

F. C. Hoyt, Trans.). Chicago: University of

Chicago Press.

Technical Report

List any identifying report, contract, or series number in parentheses immediately after the title. If the report has two numbers, give the one that is the more useful for identification and retrieval.

     Heohan, C. F., Liepins, M. C., Meuse,

C. A., & Wolfson, M. M. (1992). Summary of

triple Doppler data, Orlando, 1991 (Project

Report ATC-186). Lexington, MA: Massachusetts

Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory.

Selection in an Edited Book

This type of entry has five parts, each ending with a period: (1) the author of the selection; (2) the year in parentheses; (3) the title of the selection; (4) identification of the edited volume, beginning with the word In, the name of the editor, and the abbreviation Ed. (or Eds.) followed by the book's title and the page numbers of the selection in parentheses; and (5) the book's publication information.

     Lipson, E. D., & Horwitz, B. D. (1991).

Photosensory reception and transduction. In

J. L. Spudich & B. H. Satir (Eds.), Sensory

receptors and signal transduction (pp. 1-64).

New York: Wiley-Liss.

Two or More Selections from an Anthology or Edited Book

Give all five elements for each entry.

     Chomsky, N. (1967a). Current issues in

linguistic theory. In J. A. Fodor & J. J.

Katz (Eds.), The structure of language

(pp. 50-118). Englewood Cliffs, NJ:


     Chomsky, N. (1967b). Degrees of

grammaticalness. In J. A. Fodor & J. J. Katz

(Eds.), The structure of language (pp. 384-389).

Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall.

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