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Title: Give the complete original title.

Publication information: List the name of the city (written out in full). If the city is not well known or could be confused with another location, add the state (two-letter postal abbreviation) for U.S. locations, or the country for foreign publishers. End the location information with a colon and a space, followed by a short version of the publisher's name (Harcourt for Harcourt Brace & Co., and Beacon for Beacon Press, Inc.). Use all standard abbreviations. After the publisher's name, type a semicolon and the year of publication followed by a period, a space, the number of pages in the book or section, and the character p.

Book by One Author

1.  Lightman A. Ancient light: our changing

    view of the universe. Cambridge, MA:

    Harvard University Press; 1991.

Edited Book or Anthology

Place the editor or editors (followed by a comma, a space, and editor or editors) in the author position.

1.  Spudich JL, Satir BH, editors. Sensory

    receptors and signal transduction. New

    York: Wiley-Liss; 1991. 341 p.

Selection in an Edited Book

This type of entry has five parts, each ending with a period: (1) the author of the selection; (2) the name of the editor preceded by In:; (3) the title of the edited book; (4) publication information; and (5) the page numbers of the selection.

1.  Bishop, HB. Trends in oncogenes. In:

    Bradshaw RA, Prentis S, editors.

    Oncogenes and growth factors. New York:

    Elsevier; 1987. p 1-10.

Book by an Institutional or Organizational Author

1.  Council of Biology Editors. Scientific

    style and format: The CBE manual for

    authors, editors, and publishers. 6th ed.

    Chicago: Cambridge UP; 1994. 825 p.

Book with No Listed Author

To indicate that no author or editor is listed on the title page, start the entry with "[Anonymous]."

1.  [Anonymous]. Chicago manual of style. 14th

    ed. Chicago: U Chicago P; 1993.


1.  Heisenberg W. The physical principles of the

    quantum theory. Eckart C, Hoyt FC,

    translators. Chicago: U Chicago P; 1930.

    278 p.

Technical Report

The CBE format consists of seven parts: (1) author, with the name of the performing organization in parentheses; (2) title; (3) publication information, including publisher or sponsoring organization and date of publication; (4) report number; (5) contract number; (6) total number of pages; and (7) availability statement.

1.  Heohan CF, Liepins MC, Meuse CA, Wolfson MM.

    (Lincoln Laboratory, Massachusetts

    Institute of Technology). Summary of

    triple Doppler data, Orlando, 1991.

    Project Report. Lexington, Lincoln

    Laboratories; 1992 Apr 7. Report nr

    ATC-186. Contract nr DOT/FAA/NR-92-2.

    21 p. Available from Lincoln Laboratory,

    244 Wood Street, Lexington, MA 02173.

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