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Section 10.6.2

Guidelines for CMS Note Citation

Citation in Text

Physicists have long sought a grand unified theory, since scientists have always preferred theories with the fewest of elements.1


     1. Alan Lightman, Ancient Light: Our

Changing View of the Universe (Cambridge:

Harvard University Press, 1991), 106.

Listing in Bibliography

Lightman, Alan. Ancient Light: Our Changing

     View of the Universe. Cambridge: Harvard

     University Press, 1991.

If the next reference is to the same source, substitute the abbreviation Ibid. (from the Latin ibidem, meaning "in the same place") for the work. Unless the reference is to the same page or pages listed in the preceding reference, indicate the page number after a comma and a space.

     2. Ibid., 152

Subsequent nonconsecutive notes to the same reference are then given in a brief format.

     6. Lightman, 127


Placement of Superscript Notes

Page Numbers


Citing More Than One Work by the Same Author

More Than One Work by Different Authors in the Same Note

Two Works by Different Authors with the Same Last Name

Personal Communication and Other "Nonrecoverable" Information

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## CMS: Note Citation Guidelines ##
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