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Section 2.10.5

Example of Materials for an Oral Presentation: A Design Review

The oral design review is a kind of progress report in which you present the current (or final) state of your experimental design for review. Your audience is typically a composite of experts, technical staff, and managers. Lay audiences are rarely participants.

Oral design reviews focus on the following content:

Detailed designs of experimental apparatus and procedures, including working drawings

Detailed plans for completion of your project with time lines and final budgets and material lists

Basic Outline for a Design Review


Title: Prepare overheads showing title of project and project investigators, managers, date, and type of report

Introduction: Prepare overheads showing motivating problem and need for investigation, statement of objective


Present overheads showing

present state of planning and final experimental designs

any major changes in approach or design (significant questions raised and how you have resolved them)

working drawings of experimental apparatus

final test matrices


Prepare overheads showing

Piezolelectric Actuator
Control of a Helicopter Rotor

Blade Rotation


Current Design


Design Goals

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