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The Mayfield Handbook of Technical & Scientific Writing
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Section 15.6

Guides for Effective Graphs and Text Formats

Cleveland, W. S. Visualizing Data. Murray Hill, N.J.: AT&T Laboratories, 1993.

Science Illustration Committee, Council of Biology Editors. Illustrating Science: Standards for Publication. Bethesda, Md.: Council of Biology Editors, 1988.

Tufte, Edward R. Envisioning Information. Cheshire, Conn.: Graphics Press, 1990.

----. The Visual Display of Quantitative Information. Cheshire, Conn.: Graphics Press, 1983.

----.Visual Explanations. Cheshire, Conn.: Graphics Press, 1996.

Tufte's works are widely regarded as modern classics in outlining the basic principles of effective presentation of visual information.

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## Effective Graph/Text Format Guides ##
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