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Book by One Author

[1] A. Lightman, Ancient Light: Our Changing

    View of the Universe. Cambridge, MA:

    Harvard University Press, 1991.

Edited Book or Anthology

[1] J. L. Spudich and B. H. Satir, Eds.,

    Sensory Receptors and Signal Transduction.

    New York: Wiley-Liss, 1991.

Selection in an Edited Book

[1] E. D. Lipson and B. D. Horwitz,

    "Photosensory Reception and Transduction,"

    in Sensory Receptors and Signal

    Transduction, J. L. Spudich and B. H.

    Satir, Eds. New York: Wiley-Liss, 1991,

    pp. 1-64.

Book by an Institutional or Organizational Author

[1] Council of Biology Editors, Scientific

    Style and Format: The CBE Manual for

    Authors, Editors, and Publishers, 6th ed.,

    Chicago: Cambridge University Press, 1994.


[1] W. Heisenberg, The Physical Principles of

    the Quantum Theory, C. Eckart and F. C.

    Hoyt, Trans., Chicago: University of

    Chicago Press, 1930.

Technical Report

[1] C. F. Heohan, M. C. Liepins, C. A. Meuse,

    M. M. Wolfson, "Summary of triple Doppler

    data, Orlando, 1991," MIT Lincoln

    Laboratory, Lexington, MA. Tech. Rep.

    ATC-186 (DOT/FAA/NR-92-2), 7 Apr. 1992.

Government Publication

[1] National Aeronautics and Space

    Administration, NASA Pocket Statistics.

    Washington, DC: Office of Headquarters

    Operations, 1991.

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