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Electronic Sources

The IEEE subscribes to the guidelines for citing electronic sources being developed by the International Standards Organization.

Articles in an Electronic Journal

Give the author, title, type of medium (enclosed in brackets), volume, issue number (in parentheses), page number (if given), and the year and month of publication (in parentheses). Then give the full Internet address or the name of the online service provider prefaced by "Available:"

[1] A. Harnack and G. Kleppinger, "Beyond the

    MLA Handbook: Documenting Electronic

    Sources on the Internet," Kairos, [Online

    serial] 1(2), (1996 Sum), Available HTTP:

Other Online Documents

[1] T. Land, "Web extension to American Psychological Association

    style (WEAPAS)," [Online document], 1996

    Mar 31 (Rev. 1.2.4), [cited 1996 Sep 14], Available HTTP:

[1] P. Curtis, "Mudding: Social phenomena in

    text-based virtual realities," [Online

    document], Aug. 1992, [1996 Aug 30],

    Available FTP:

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