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Section 2.5.1

Job Application Letters

Write job application letters that identify a specific area of employment, summarize your qualifications for the job, refer to an enclosed résumé, and request the next step of the application process, usually an interview.

Application letters are usually just one page and consist of three sections:

  1. Front matter. State that you are applying for a specific job title or field. Also mention the person who referred you or told you about the job. If you learned of the job from an advertisement, mention that.
  2. Body. Explain specifically why you are qualified for the job. Describe education and work experience and any other activities that display relevant talents, such as foreign-language proficiencies and leadership or supervisory experience.
  3. End matter. Refer to your enclosed résumé and express your desire for an interview, stating when and where you will be available for one. In addition, invite further inquiries, and state how you can be contacted.

Following is an example of an application letter.

Sample Job Application Letter
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