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The Mayfield Handbook of Technical & Scientific Writing
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Help: 3.4

Configure Mayfield Application

  1. Complete the standard installation.
  2. Notice a new window entitled "Mayfield Handbooks" on your screen (if it is not an open window in Macintosh Finder, open the "Mayfield Handbooks" folder).
  3. Double-click the Configure Mayfield icon.
  4. Select your word processor and your browser by the following method:
  5. Click the Browse button in the appropriate pane of the Configure Mayfield window.
    Navigate to the appropriate application.
    Highlight the application name, and click Open. Notice that the appropriate icon is shown in the Configure Mayfield window.
  6. Click the Browse button in the Handbook folder pane. The Handbook files will have been installed by default into the following folder:
  7. HD:Mayfield Handbooks:Technical Writing Handbook:Handbook
  8. If you chose a different location during installation, the files will still be in the Handbook folder in a path similar to the default. Navigate to and select the Handbook folder.
  9. Click the box in the upper left-hand corner, or choose Quit.
  10. Click Save.

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