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Help: 4.6

Viewing a Link: How to View a Referenced Handbook Page

This feature allows you to view the Handbook page referenced by a link that has been inserted into a word processing document. This feature is useful to the writer returning to a word processing document to make changes based on feedback from an instructor, peer reviewer, or manager. While scanning the document, the writer will see the reference links that have been inserted in the document. The writer can then select a link and run View Handbook Link to see the referenced page of the Handbook.

NOTE: View Handbook Link will launch your browser (and thus the Handbook) automatically if it's not already running

Steps to View a Handbook Link

  1. Launch your word processor.
  2. Open the document containing the reference link. You will notice a link because it will be surrounded by its delimiters (##) and the text may be colored (depending on your monitor)--for example, ## Adjective Clauses ##.
  3. Select the entire link, including the "##" delimiters.
  4. With the link selected , run View Handbook Link via:
  5. Mayfield Toolbar (Windows users)
    Ctrl + Alt + Shift + J (Windows users)
    Command + Option + J (Macintosh users)

  6. Your browser will be launched, if necessary, and will display the appropriate page of the Handbook.
  7. Once you have viewed the Handbook, you can return to your word processing document and continue editing your document.
NOTE: In Windows, if your browser is minimized, it will stay minimized. Thus, even though the page you referenced will be displayed by your browser, you will not see it on your screen. You will hear a sound (beep, click, etc.) notifying you that the Handbook page is being displayed. You can then manually bring your browser to the front using Alt + Tab. Make sure that your browser window is open at all times to avoid confusion.

How to Delete a Link or Comment from a Word Processing Document

  1. Once you are finished with a link or comment, you can easily delete it from the document the same way you would delete normal text. The links and comments are not write-protected.
  2. Remember to save the document after making changes.
NOTE: Because reference links and comments are not write-protected, it is possible to edit them without realizing it. Be careful to avoid making such changes. Such changes to links will result in invalid links.

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