Neuroscience Postdoc in electrophysiology in-vivo

To apply Nano-Cybernetic Biotrek research group at MIT is seeking postdoc with extensive in vivo expertise in electrophysiology techniques. Extensive expertise with in vivo electrical recording with electrodes in live animals is a MUST. Please only apply if you have relevant in vivo expertise. We mainly work with rodents (mice and rats) but also plan to start work with large animals shortly. Patch Clamping (cultured cells and live slices) or fiber photometry or 2-photon calcium imaging or optogenetics skills are preferred but not absolutely required. Experience in studying neural plasticity with electrical stimulation is preferred but not required. Experience in fMRI, DTI, PET, MEG preferred but not required.

Postdocs are expected to publish scholarly reports and also write grant proposals.

Note: Add a separate section for "Skills" in your CV mentioning list of in vivo, in vitro and other scientific/technical skills.

We are looking to fill this position soon. So, apply ASAP.

A full job description is available at