NanoBio Seminar Series Spring'24

Timings : 1 pm ET

Please use this zoom link for joining the webinar

Join us at the nanobio seminar series Spring'24 for an exciting journey through next generation nanoelectronics devices and beyond CMOS computing technologies and then fusing into intriguing applications of nanoelectronics and nanotechnology in bioengineering, specifically for understanding and probing the brain. Talks on disruptive nanoelectronics devices will include spintronics, neuromorphic computing, hardware for artificial intelligence and use of novel nanomaterials (such as graphene, transition metal dichalcogenides etc). Biological applications will take us through non-invasive brain-computer interfaces and novel brain recording and neuromodulation technologies

Spring'24 Seminar Schedule

Date Talk
February 8 Wireless photocapacitive neurostimulation – from in-vivo to in-silico
Vedran Derek
March 7 Large-scale imaging and computing for system neuroscience
Young-Gyu Yoon
March 14 Wearable EEG Headbands for Diagnosis of Cognitive Impairment
Chinnakkaruppan Adaikkan
March 21 Biocompatible Piezoelectric Materials and Composites for Biomedical Applications
Xudong Wang
March 28 Pain & Itch: The good, the bad, & the ugly
Arnab Barik
April 4 Towards Multimodal Brain Reading: Advancements in Material Science and Microfabrication Techniques
Elisa Castagnola
April 18 Aptamer-Based Nanosensors for Human Health
Nako Nakatsuka
April 25 Propelling van der Waals magnets towards energy-efficient spintronics
Shivam Kajale
May 2 Emerging ultrasound approaches to noninvasively modulate the nervous system and end-organs for treating multiple health disorders
Hubert Lim
May 9 Autism and "Astro"logy
Sumantra Chattarji