Biocompatible Piezoelectric Materials and Composites for Biomedical Applications

21st March 2024

Timing : 1 pm EST

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Nanogenerator (NG) has been considered as a promising solution to biomechanical energy harvesting inside human body. So far, many technology innovations have advanced the NG technology toward a broad range of biomedical applications. Fundamentally, materials design and engineering draw the boundary where this technology may advance. In this talk, I introduce our most recent development of piezoelectric materials and composites that are particularly designed for implantable NG applications. First, I present our wafer-scale approach to creating piezoelectric biomaterial thin films based on γ glycine crystals. The self-assembled sandwich film structure enabled both strong piezoelectricity and largely improved flexibility. Then, new ferroelectric composites are presented as a new material used in 3D printing for directly manufacturing of piezoelectric architectures with tunable piezoelectric and mechanical properties. Toward the end, novel applications of implantable piezoelectric materials are introduced, which enable self-sustainable electrical energy generation and closed-loop electrostimulations for a variety of biomedical devices.