Integrative neural interface for brain disorders

12th May 2021

Timing : 1 pm EDT

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Brain functions and dysfunctions involve complex interactions between neural, vascular and other cellular activities in a dynamic and long-lasting manner. This vast complexity demands the ability to simultaneously resolve multifaceted brain activities at sufficient spatiotemporal resolution, and to longitudinally track their evolution over a long period of time. These requirements exceed the capability of any single neurotechnology. In this talk, I will discuss the development of the chronic multimodal neural interface that combines neural recording, imaging, and microstimulation, and the opportunities it enables in studying brain disorders. I will start with the development of ultraflexible nanoelectronics threads (NETs) for scar-free tissue integration and chronically stable intracortical neural recording, which also facilitated longitudinal optical imaging in the same brain regions. I will then demonstrate the ability to simultaneously resolve and longitudinally track hemodynamic and neural activities, and its application in a mouse model of stroke, from which we observe a substantial neurovascular uncoupling after injury. I will conclude with out on-going development of higher-resolution, larger scale neural interface and the opportunities it enables for understanding a broad spectrum of neurological and neurodegenerative disorders.