Scalable, high-precision optoelectronic lab-on-a-chip towards next-generation precision medicine

3rd March 2021

Timing : 1 pm EST

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Precision medicine is an emerging field that stratifies patient groups based on molecular and cellular levels of data, followed by individualized treatment for better health outcome. One key enabling tool in precision therapeutics is a biomedical device that can acquire cellular molecular information specific to targeted patient groups. To achieve this, these devices should ideally: 1) be built in a scalable array form, whose number of functional pixels can be scaled up to collect high-content data, and 2) probe disease models down to cellular levels and simultaneously monitor multiple biomarkers in a timely manner. If successful, such devices can be integrated to drug screening and bedside testing systems, which will advance pharmatheutical and point-of-care solution, respectively. Motivated by these, our research has been focused on developing scalable, high precision optoelectronic lab-on-a-chips for cell interfacing and biosensing applications that may add to next-generation precision medicine. In this talk, I will introduce our recent work on: 1) high-resolution cell interfaces for single-cell optogenetics and on-chip Ca2 imaging; and 2) label-free biochip technologies for DNA detection and cytokine monitoring.