Format for Visiting Student Email

Title of Email

Visiting student( _first name last name)

FORMAT for email text (This format should be in the email text and not just in attachment)

  1. Undergraduate University:
    Year of completion (expected):

  2. MS/PhD University (if applicable):
    Year of completion (expected):

  3. Work Instituition(s) (if different from above):
    start and completion year(present):

  4. name and rank (general category) in competitive exam (if any, for getting admission to undergrad or grad university, ex- JEE Advanced, Gaokao):

  5. GPA and rank in the department:

  6. Keywords for areas you have work/background in:

  7. Brief Decription of projects and scientific achievements:

  8. link to google scholar page if available):

  9. Simulation/Modeling/Design Skills if any:

  10. Experimental skills if any:

  11. For how long you plan to visit (min 1 month, max-1 year)

  12. Do you have funding to cover living costs in Boston? What is the funding source?

  13. Anything else you want to convey

  14. ATTACH