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Danielle_ZurovcikI graduated with my Master's and PhD from MIT (Mechanical Engineering) in Professor Alex Slocum's Precision Engineering Research Group (PERG), performing research in medical device design and development. I had the amazing opportunity to participate in a variety of medical device designs and inventions, solving problems encountered in the clinic with creative solutions. Please check out some of the larger projects that I worked on, listed in my portfolio. You can read further about my two, patent-pending inventions at: Wound-Pump and MRI-Driven, Solid-State Actuators.

Currently, I am Founder & CEO of Worldwide Innovative Healthcare, Inc. (WiCare). WiCare develops innovative medical devices that are clinically effective and affordable worldwide: from rural clinics in the developing world to state-of-the-art clinics in the U.S. It is my goal to prove that you can both help people on a global scale and grow/sustain a large, for-profit company. Through our proprietary design process, we can reach the simplest, least expensive device designs, that do not sacrifice the efficacy or quality of currently available devices and treatments. I love the challenges in both engineering and business that we face, and I am confident that we will pave the way to a new medical device paradigm, one which expands high-end treatment availability and significantly reduces healthcare costs. Please check out some of the press that the Wound-Pump (our first product) has received.

I have had an exciting time in 2014, and I am excited to see what 2015 has in-store. Check out some of my past events and awards (some are team awards, with highly talented teammates who I have had the privilege to work with); I have had great experiences and have met a lot of amazing people throughout all of these endeavors:

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