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Business Interests

Worldwide Innovative Healthcare, Inc. (WiCare) develops innovative medical devices that are clinically effective and affordable worldwide. Using my global design process, products can be designed that:

1. Bring high-end treatments for the first time to rural clinics in the developing world.

2. Expand the access of high-end treatments in the developed world.

3. Significantly reduce healthcare costs.

It is my goal to prove that you can both help people and run a profitable business. I plan to bring treatments that were once only available to the top-of-the-pyramid to the base-of-the-pyramid, and I have multiple products in the pipeline.

My first targeted treatment is negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT). Medicare spent an alarming $164 million in 2007 on NPWT, yet only a fraction of the U.S. patients that could benefit received treatment. This was due to limitations, including high costs and lack of reimbursement. Wounds are a significant issue worldwide, with over 200M at any one time!


Academic Interests

I really enjoy the product design area of mechanical engineering. It allows me to focus on engineering, business, and industrial design at the same time, while intertwining all three areas into successful products. The challenge to grasp new concepts and to participate in stimulating, hands-on projects draws me to further my education in mechanical engineering. My goal is to continuously expand my creative ability, stretching designs to their limits, while using a solid foundation of engineering knowledge for technical insight and proper analysis.

In addition to product design and engineering, I have a strong interest in entrepreneurship and business. Business knowledge allows me to analyze and have an understanding of the customer and the market. I currently have two business related minors (Engineering Leadership Development and Engineering Entrepreneurship) from Penn State, and I continue to extend my business knowledge through my Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship minor at the MIT Sloan School of Management.


Personal Interests

1. Playing the guitar

2. Drawing / Sketching

3. Interior Design

4. Industrial Design

5. Traveling

6. I love to play sports:

Track / Field
Rock Climbing
Ice Hockey
Field Hockey
Ping Pong
Skate Boarding
Snow Skiing
Water Skiing
Wake Boarding
Scuba Diving
Body Boarding
Kite Surfing
Sky Diving




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