MIT Faculty Newsletter  
Vol. XVI No. 4
February / March 2004
The New President
The New President
Improving Our System
of Faculty Governance
Update on Women Faculty in the
School of Engineering
Recommendations for Improving
Faculty Quality of Life
FRADS Supports Faculty Fundraising
Reminiscences: Fifty Years on the Engineering Faculty
A Formal Recommendation
to the MIT Corporation
The Center for International Studies
The Clinical Research Center
The Operations Research Center
Beyond Fuzzy Definitions of Community:
A Report and an Invitation
Cambridge and MIT:
Exchanging Students, Exchanging Ideas
Information Services & Technololgy (IS&T):
The Focus is on Service
Campus Growth (1985 – Present)
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A Formal Recommendation to the MIT Corporation

James H. Williams, Jr.

During my decades as a student and faculty member, MIT has been fortunate to have had men of passion and extraordinary dedication as its presidents; individuals who have consistently governed in the spirit of the Institute's motto "Mens et Manus" (Latin for "mind and hand"). Throughout the presidency of Charles M. Vest, I have been repeatedly impressed by his steadfast embodiment of an additional and important element of eminent science and engineering, as well as numerous other disciplines such as architecture, media arts, humanities, economics, and political science that were not among the Institute's academic programs in 1864 when, during William Barton Rogers's first presidency, the Institute's official seal and motto were adopted. I believe Charles M. Vest has successfully – and to an unprecedented degree – integrated into his presidency striking sensibilities of empathy and love. By this article and without precluding other acknowledgments, I recommend to the MIT Corporation that in honor of President Charles Marstiller Vest, the Official MIT Motto be amended to "Mens, Manus et Cor" (Latin for "mind, hand and heart").

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