MIT Faculty Newsletter  
contents Vol. XVIII No. 2
November/December 2005

This issue of the Faculty Newsletter includes a summary of the final report by the Task Force on Medical Care for the MIT Community, an editorial on "MIT and the Nation After 9/11," and a new feature, "MIT Profiles," highlighting Merritt Roe Smith.

walking in snow
The New MIT Museum:
A Vision for the Future

Museum Director John Durant shares his dream for a high profile MIT museum.
Scientific Integrity
Faculty Chair Lorna Gibson addresses recent questions of scientific misconduct .
Medical Task Force Releases Final Report
After more than a year of work, the Task Force on Medical Care for the MIT Community released its final report in early November. The Task Force examined . . .
The New MIT Museum: A Vision for the Future
John Durant
Why does MIT have a museum? What is it for? What audiences does it serve? And how should it go about serving them? These are the sorts of questions I've been . . .
From the Faculty Chair
Scientific Integrity
Lorna J. Gibson
Academic integrity is a core value of scientific research and of MIT. As faculty, we recognize that nothing is more essential than integrity in our educational . . .
MIT and the Nation After 9/11
The events of 9/11 and their aftermath have influenced every aspect of American society. Government policies in response to these events have particular . . .
MIT Profiles
Merritt Roe Smith
Merritt Roe Smith is Leverett and William Cutten Professor of the History of Technology. His research focuses on the history of technological innovation . . .
MIT Poetry
Of Supreme Importance
David Thorburn
The instruction sheet for the Papco Flaring Tool / fits in the palm when folded and opens / to three inches by four and a half, / both sides densely printed.
Tyranny Against a Whistle-Blower at MIT
David Gordon Wilson
The Faculty Newsletter has taken the gutsy stand that Ted Postol's serious allegations should be examined. What I am writing about now concerns another very unhappy . . .
MIT Libraries Offer Metadata Support
Government-funded grants increasingly require investigators to electronically preserve and share research results. Providing quality metadata that organizes . . .
On Values and a Caring Meritocracy for MIT
Joseph H. Saleh
There is a sign-post one can find in France, at train crossings or in stations that reads as follows: "Attention! Un train peut cacher un autre."
The Benefits Game
M.W.P. Strandberg
Benefits has always been a stealth topic at MIT. There is the story about Karl Compton assigning the MIT treasurer, Horace Ford, I think, – after all, this is only gossip – . . .
Vietnam and Cambodia: Three Decades Later
A Photo-Journal
Samuel Jay Keyser
I am not a traveler by nature or inclination. My wife, Nancy Kelly, on the other hand, is a travel addict. I am sure this has something to do with the division of our species . . .
M.I.T. Numbers
Percentage Rating the Quality of the MIT Medical Department "Good," Very Good," or "Excellent" [from the 2005 Medical Survey]