MIT Faculty Newsletter  
contents Vol. XVIII No. 4
March/April 2006

This issue of the Faculty Newsletter features Nancy Hopkins on "Diversification of a University Faculty," an Editorial, "Squeezing Out the Graduate Students," and former dean Robert Redwine on "Faculty Roles in Administration."

The electron microscope
Teach Talk:
Why Students Don't Attend Class

A survey of one class offers some interesting insights into student's thoughts on classroom attendance.
Provost Announces Government Inquiry into Lincoln Lab Misconduct Charges
The federal government has finally agreed to investigate charges of research misconduct at Lincoln Laboratory.
International Students at MIT
Post 9/11

The Director of the International Students Office writes about the effect of post-9/11 security measures on our international students.
Diversification of a University Faculty: Observations on Hiring Women Faculty in the Schools of Science and Engineering at MIT
Nancy Hopkins
A broadly diverse faculty is critical to MIT's educational mission, and significant efforts have been made to achieve a faculty whose diversity reflects that of the students . . .
Squeezing Out the Graduate Students
In the early 1980s, MIT was well known as an expensive place to do research. With a high dependence on federal funding, graduate students were very expensive to . . .
When Disasters Strike!
Ernst G. Frankel
Large disasters occur with increasing frequency. Most, like last year's Indian Ocean tsunami, the Pakistan earthquake, and the Katrina hurricane, are caused by nature.
Faculty Roles in Administration:
A Critical Part of Institute Governance
Robert P. Redwine
I recently completed a term of five-and-a-half years as Dean for Undergraduate Education, and am now in the process of re-invigorating my research program.
Teach Talk
Why Students Don't Attend Class
Tom Clay and Lori Breslow
Are you dissatisfied with the attendance at your lectures? Do you wonder what your students are thinking when they skip your lectures? If you answered "yes" to either . . .
MIT Poetry
Life in the Lowlands
William Pounds
When corporations fail / Many drown.
The Party tried with only one / Run for the people / Without success.
Provost Announces Government Inquiry
Into Lincoln Lab Misconduct Charges
In an e-mail letter to the MIT faculty on March 3rd of this year, Provost L. Rafael Reif announced that the federal government is going to investigate charges of research . . .
International Students at MIT Post 9/11
Danielle Guichard-Ashbrook
There has been concern expressed across the Institute about the potential effects of the U.S. government's post-9/11 security measures on international students.
A Failure in Communications
Brian Evans
I really have to lean into the wind to make some headway as I come through the wind tunnel at the base of the building. Well, what do you expect? After all, it's March, . . .
Peer Support: Taking Advice from a Friend
Barun Singh
As the role of graduate education in our society continues to evolve, the needs of graduate students are changing too. Support for graduate students is no longer . . .
Students need dental insurance plan
Youshun Sun
I have just read an article in the January/February issue of the MIT Faculty Newsletter: "An open letter to the MIT faculty" concerning the Medical Care Task Force . . .
M.I.T. Numbers
International Students at MIT:
Top 10 International Countries Over 10 Years (1996-2005)
M.I.T. Numbers
International Students at MIT:
Top Ten International Countries (2005)