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Vol. XIX No. 2
November / December 2006
Student-Driven Activities at MIT
Financial Foundation for MIT's Future
Undergraduate Education Reconsidered
Stephen J. Madden, Jr.
MIT and Singapore
Teaching and Challenging Engineers . . .
to Engineer
Adèle Naudé Santos
Written in Pencil; February Lunch
First Response Education:
New Orleans Comes to MIT
Do MIT Students Ever Sleep?
The Implication of Mega-Partnerships
for MIT Faculty
Helping Students Become Better Writers
A Century of MIT at a Glance
MIT Faculty and Students (1900-2007)
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Do MIT Students Ever Sleep?

Analysis of the recent MIT Transportation Survey found a familiar phenomenon: many

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When MIT Answered the Transportation Survey (click on image to enlarge)

members of the MIT community are awake late at night, and still checking e-mail. In fact, more than 35% of student respondents answered the survey between midnight and 6 am.

The good news? Most of the freshmen who answered a sleep question on a recent survey indicated they get a moderate amount of sleep:

• 69% reported getting between 6-7 hours of sleep per night on average
• 17% reported getting 8 or more hours of sleep
• 14% reported getting 5 or fewer hours of sleep.

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