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Vol. XIX No. 5
March / April 2007
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The Martin Luther King, Jr.
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Desired End State: Reaching the Goal
MLK, MIT, and Me: A Personal Essay
Recruiting Underrepresented
Minority Students to MIT
Filling the Pipeline
Faith vs. Fact in the Pursuit
of Fairness at MIT
Ode to William Wells
Stephen M. Meyer
CMI – A Bold Experiment
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Response to Prof. Sussman's Call
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Appreciation for Special Edition
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Cutting the Pie of Undergraduate Education
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Underrepresented Minorities at MIT
MIT Faculty:
Women and Underrepresented Minorities
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The Martin Luther King, Jr. Visiting Professor Program

“MIT established the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Visiting Professor Program to enhance and recognize the contributions of outstanding scholars. The program honors the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by increasing the presence of scholars at MIT. Since the first appointments in 1995, 34 Visiting Professors have been named.

“Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Visiting Professors enhance their scholarship through intellectual interactions with MIT peers, and enrich the intellectual life of MIT with their participation in MIT research and academic programs. They are expected to be deeply engaged in the life of the Institute through teaching, research and other scholarly interactions with the MIT community. Their presence gives them the opportunity to make a significant impact on the growth and awareness of undergraduate and graduate students, as well as the MIT community as a whole. Appointments as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Visiting Professors have been in all of MIT's academic areas of Architecture, Engineering, Humanities, Management, and Science.”

In an attempt to highlight this program and its participants, the Faculty Newsletter offers the following articles by one current and one past program participant. We plan to continue featuring MLK Visiting Professors and Scholars in future issues of the Newsletter

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"Desired End State: Reaching the Goal," William M. Harris, Sr.

"MLK, MIT, and Me: A Personal Essay," Ainissa G. Ramirez


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