MIT Faculty Newsletter  
Vol. XIX No. 5
March / April 2007
The Saga of the Struggle for Survival
of the Faculty Newsletter
The Management of Change: Institute Facing Key Issues in the Immediate Future
The More Things Change
the More They Stay the Same
Getting More Learning
out of Lecture and Recitation Time
Why Diversity Matters
The Martin Luther King, Jr.
Visiting Professor Program
Desired End State: Reaching the Goal
MLK, MIT, and Me: A Personal Essay
Recruiting Underrepresented
Minority Students to MIT
Filling the Pipeline
Faith vs. Fact in the Pursuit
of Fairness at MIT
Ode to William Wells
Stephen M. Meyer
CMI – A Bold Experiment
in International Partnership
Response to Prof. Sussman's Call
for Interdisciplinary Research
Appreciation for Special Edition
Faculty Newsletter
Cutting the Pie of Undergraduate Education
Getfit@mit with the FNL
Underrepresented Minorities at MIT
MIT Faculty:
Women and Underrepresented Minorities
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Getfit@mit with the FNL

To The Faculty Newsletter:

Thank you for supporting the 2007 getfit@mit fitness challenge.

The response to getfit@mit has been outstanding this year. Almost 2,400 members of the MIT community are participating on 335 teams. By the end of Week Three, participants had logged more than two million minutes of exercise, with roughly 90 percent of participants meeting or exceeding the weekly exercise goals.

We appreciate your help promoting the program in the Faculty Newsletter. The getfit@mit fitness challenge would not be nearly as successful without your generous support. Thank you again, and we look forward to working with you again next year.


Lauren Rosano
On behalf of the getfit@mit organizers

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