MIT Faculty Newsletter  
Vol. XX No. 1
September / October 2007
20th Anniversary of FNL:
A Brief History of its Founding
Faculty Representation? How?
Newsletter Most Popular Among MIT Faculty
Transparency and Communication
A Call for Nominations to the
Newsletter Editorial Board
Hockfield to Write on "State of the Institute"
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Teaching this fall? You should know . . .
America's Infrastructure
Engineering Dilemma
Is it Time for a New Manhattan Project?
Update on the Implementation of the Recommendations of the Task Force on the Undergraduate Educational Commons
Experimental Project-Based Subjects:
A Hit With Students
Faculty Calendar
Student Systems – A Vision for the Future
MIT 1st in Engineering, 7th Overall
in Latest U.S. News Ranking
Combining Investment with Philanthropy: Faculty and the MIT Endowment
Proficiency in Customary Units
Who's Who in the MIT Administration
Campus Population in Representative Years: % Change and Absolute Numbers
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Newsletter Most Popular Among MIT Faculty

MIT faculty read the Faculty Newsletter more than any other campus publication, according to results of the Institute Communication Survey administered last March. Nearly 87% of faculty who responded said they regularly or occasionally read the Newsletter, while only 2.5% said they were aware of the Newsletter but never read it. Tech Talk was the second most read publication by faculty, with a little more than 78%
reading it regularly or occasionally (see graph).

Regarding MIT online resources or Websites, 73% of faculty who have visited it said they found the Newsletter Website either very or somewhat valuable, second in percentage to only the MIT News Website, with a little more than 77% of faculty finding it very or somewhat valuable (see graph).

The student newspaper, The Tech, also rated quite highly among faculty members, with nearly 71% reading the print version regularly or occasionally, and 68.5% finding The Tech Website very or somewhat valuable. Not surprisingly, the MIT Home Page was the Website rated highest among faculty, with more than 93% finding it very or somewhat valuable.

Other online campus sites faired less well among faculty, with the following percentage reporting they have never visited or can’t rate the online resource:

• ZigZag (83%)
• MIT Alumni Association (70%)
• MIT World (62%)
• Technology Review (54%)
• Faculty Newsletter Website (47%)
• MIT News Website (37%)

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