MIT Faculty Newsletter  
contents Vol. XX No. 3
January / February 2008

This issue of the Faculty Newsletter features commentary on the December faculty meeting, "Finding Polaris and Changing Course;" an Editorial exploring the use of Internet technology to improve decision-making transparency; and our Teach Talk feature on "Online Subject Evaluation."

Deliberations Without Resolutions
Faculty Chair Bish Sanyal asks: "Is it Time for a New Format for Faculty Meetings?"
How Do We Know if Students are Learning?
Assessing student learning has become a nationwide discussion topic. This article offers insight as to how MIT is approaching the issue.
MIT Should Establish a Standing Committee on Investment Responsibility
The authors call upon the MIT administration and Corporation to follow in the path of peer universities.
Finding Polaris and Changing Course:
A Closer Look at the December Faculty Meeting
Kenneth R. Manning
Faculty governance at MIT works through committees forging deals and agreements, before business reaches the floor of the faculty. Our faculty meetings consist . . .
The Power of Technology for Transparency
With trial and error, considerable effort and a lot of goodwill, the Faculty Newsletter has tried to articulate the views of the faculty and the various perspectives that it . . .
From the Faculty Chair
Deliberations Without Resolutions:
Is it Time for a New Format for Faculty Meetings?
Bish Sanyal
Is it possible to have serious, engaging discussions on important issues at MIT faculty meetings without the need to vote on resolutions? The answer is not clear to . . .
Teaching this spring? You should know . . .
the faculty regulates examinations and assignments for all subjects.
How Do We Know if Students are Learning?
Lori Breslow, John Lienhard, Barbara Masi, Warren Seering, Franz Ulm
In the past decade, the issue of how to best assess student learning has been at the forefront of the national conversation about education. Discussions have . . .
Not Just Another Survey . . . !
How well do you manage the stressors of work? Do you have a voice in decision-making in your department? Do you feel that the criteria used for . . .
Teach Talk
Online Subject Evaluation:
One Step Toward More Effective Teaching
Diana Henderson
How can we improve the effectiveness of our undergraduate teaching? The Task Force on the Undergraduate Educational Commons spent time and energy . . .
MIT Should Establish a Standing Committee
on Investment Responsibility
Ali S. Wyne and Alice H. Amsden
The authors propose that MIT establish and adhere to guidelines for responsible investing practices that take into account the social, environmental, and corporate . . .
Top Ten City of Cambridge Tax Payers
MIT Poetry
Reading the Newspaper By the Open Window
Nadia Herman Colburn
The world that is alone in its beauty / with no consolation— / the black walnut tree
Introduction to the Campaign for Students
Phillip L. Clay
The Institute has experienced a significant transformation over the last 15 years. Our commitment to merit and innovation is steadfast, and MIT thrives as the premier . . .
MIT Historical Society is Proposed
Paul E. Gray
There is interest at the Institute, expressed by faculty and alumni, and stoked by members of the Class of 1954, in creating an MIT Historical Society.
MIT's New Adoption Assistance Program
Recognizing the broad diversity of MIT employees who are building families, MIT has created an Adoption Assistance Program that provides eligible employees with . . .
The Institute's Future
RS Lees
In response to your recent message, I must suggest that the best road for MIT, Harvard University, the Cambridge environment, our students, and the world at large . . .
Teaching this spring? You should know . . .
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