MIT Faculty Newsletter  
Vol. XXI No. 4
March / April / May 2009
Should One Size Fit All?
Rethinking the Math Core
Tom Kochan New Faculty Chair
Distrust of Educational Innovations
Engineering Excellence in Challenging Times
Leadership Skills for Engineering and
Science Faculty
Interview with Director of MIT Medical
Dr. William Kettyle
Update on the Faculty Renewal Program
Newsletter Adds Two Board Members
The Moral Moment: Departing Words from
the Outgoing Faculty Chair
MIT Faculty Vote to Make Their Articles Openly Available
TA Training Bootcamp Reinforces Curriculum Innovations and Improves Recitation Experience in Freshman Chemistry Course
MIT Faculty Work/Life Website Created
MISTI Launches Call for Second Round of Global Seed Fund Proposals
Laughing Together
West Garage
Bernard M. Gordon-MIT Leadership Program: Developing Engineering Leaders of Tomorrow
The Need for Interdisciplinary Education
MIT 150 Exhibit to Celebrate Institute's
150th Birthday
The Federal Research Dollar
on the MIT Campus
The Future of Medical Care?
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MIT Faculty Work/Life Website Created


No doubt there is a lot of information “out there” to support MIT faculty in the area of work/life balance. The problem has been accessing this information – since it is located on so many different MIT Websites. Problem solved. Thanks to a generous donation from an alumnus and designation by Institute Professor Daniel I.C. Wang, the Center for Work, Family and Personal Life has created the MIT Faculty Work/Life Website to pull together these types of resources:

The new site is a clearinghouse targeted to faculty, those who work with faculty, and all members of the MIT community seeking information on such matters as health and wellbeing, life outside of MIT, housing and commuting, and retirement and financial planning, specifically for faculty.

It is a complement to the Faculty Resources Website maintained by the Provost’s Office, which focuses on supporting the professional needs of faculty:

One of the unique features of the site is “Finding Community,” which includes a “Living in Boston” section, with links for black and African American faculty and their families; Hispanic and Latino faculty and their families; Asian and South Asian faculty and their families; and American Indian faculty and their families. It also highlights resources for lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgender faculty and their families as well as resources for faculty with disabilities and their families. In addition, there are networking and mentoring links.

Along with providing a gateway to these resources, another goal of the new Website is to increase both internal and external awareness of the many facets of work/life. It is hoped the site can also serve as a recruiting tool, as it demonstrates that all are welcome at MIT, while promoting the value of balancing work and life for MIT faculty. The benefits of doing so are clear, as noted by President Hockfield, quoted on the site’s homepage: “Helping faculty members find a comfortable work/life balance fuels their creativity, fosters their extraordinary teaching and research, and strengthens the MIT community.”

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