MIT Faculty Newsletter  
contents Vol. XXV No. 1
September/October 2012

This issue of the Faculty Newsletter features commentary about online education, a four-part editorial, and updates from the deans for both Undergraduate and Graduate Education.

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Concerns Over Affordability of On-Campus Housing
Graduate student leaders address continuing housing issues.
Comings and Goings
Faculty Chair Sam Allen highlights occurences at the Institute since last spring that you may have missed.
I. Graduate Student Housing Difficulties; II. Response to MIT 2030 Concerns; III. edX Front and Center; IV. 25th Anniversary of the FNL
Editorial Subcommittee
The education, research training, and instructional experience of graduate students are at the core of research universities. The MIT graduate community, engaged . . .
Ruth Perry
The announcement of MITx and edX last spring set the Institute buzzing. Everywhere people were talking about how to do online education in their discipline and . . .
edX: Hostile Takeover or Helping Hand?
Woodie Flowers
In this Newsletter last January, I speculated that we had stumbled in our effort to help education take advantage of digital technologies. OCW (OpenCourseWare) . . .
From the Faculty Chair
Comings and Goings
Samuel M. Allen
Welcome back from what I hope has been a restorative summer! This semester promises to be particularly interesting, as our new President and Provost begin . . .
Concerns Over Affordability of On-Campus Housing
Heather Murdoch, Andrea Dubin, Amy Bilton, Pierre-Olivier Lepage,
Anders and Anna Haggman, Alan Richardson
Rent is the largest expense of graduate students, consuming over half of pretax income. Each year, the rising cost of rent is the largest factor in the graduate . . .
From the Dean for Undergraduate Education
New Strategic Directions for DUE
Dan Hastings
In spring 2011, the Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Education (DUE) began a review of our 2006 Strategic Plan. The primary goal was to lay out new and . . .
From the Dean for Graduate Education
From Imagination to Impact:
Empowering Graduate Students to Create the Future
Christine Ortiz
As I joined the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education (ODGE) in August 2010 and began to appreciate the extent and significance of its ongoing work, it was . . .
Survey Says: Faculty Happy But Stressed
Faculty and staff appear to be quite satisfied in their role at MIT. More than 90% of survey respondents said they were somewhat or very satisfied being an MIT . . .
Teaching this fall? You should know . . .
The faculty regulates examinations and assignments for all subjects.
Alumni Association Seeks Traveling Faculty
Louis Alexander
Among the most frequently received requests from alumni to the Alumni Association are for opportunities to hear presentations from MIT faculty. Knowing of the . . .
Nominate a Colleague for the MacVicar Faculty Fellows Program
The MacVicar Faculty Fellows Program recognizes MIT faculty who have made exemplary and sustained contributions to the teaching and education of . . .
Request for Preliminary Proposals for Innovative Curricular Projects
The Office of Faculty Support seeks preliminary proposals for faculty-led projects to enhance the educational experience of MIT undergraduates. Projects that . . .
Thanks and some reflections
Paul M. Newberne
I want to thank you for continuing to send the Newsletter to me. I retired from the Department of Biological Sciences (which was dismantled long ago) at age 65, . . .
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