MIT Faculty Newsletter  
contents Vol. XXV No. 3
January / February 2013

This special issue of the Faculty Newsletter focuses on MIT 2030 and the up-zoning petition submitted by MITIMCo (MIT Investment Management Company) to the City of Cambridge. Many of the articles are reprints from past issues of the Faculty Newsletter.

walking in snow
Honoring Physics Professor Emerita Vera Kistiakowky
As part of its 25th Anniversary celebration a forum was held honoring Faculty Newsletter founder Vera Kistiakowsky.
Interview with MIT 2030 Task Force Chair Tom Kochan
Chair of the Provost's Task Force on Community Engagement with 2030 Planning and former faculty chair Tom Kochan is interviewed by the FNL.
MITIMCo Petition Goes Forward Without Faculty Assessment
Editorial Subcommittee
As of this writing MITIMCo (MIT Investment Management Company) has made two presentations of its revised up-zoning petition for the east end of the campus . . .
Interview with MIT 2030 Task Force Chair Tom Kochan
The following interview between the Faculty Newsletter (FNL) and Tom Kochan (TK), the Chair of the Task Force on Community Engagement in 2030 Planning, was held on January 17, 2013.
Concerns Over the Lack of Graduate Student Housing
in the MIT 2030 Plan
Brian Spatocco
Prompted and motivated by the recent remarks of our President-Elect Rafael Reif when he noted, “A time of transition should also be a time for reflection – a time . . .
From the Faculty Chair
Task Force on Community Engagement with 2030 Planning
Samuel M. Allen
My biggest aspiration in taking on the role of Chair of the Faculty has been to improve faculty/administration communication, collaboration, and trust. Whether justified . . .
Twenty to Thirty Questions About MIT 2030
Caroline A. Jones and the SAPiens
MIT 2030 represents a bold beginning for a comprehensive plan that anticipates the renovation of MIT’s aging facilities and produces a map of its future research . . .
A Brief History of MIT's Land Acquisition Policies
O. R. Simha
In 1912, Francis Hart, the sixth treasurer of MIT, oversaw the purchase of 46 acres of land in Cambridge for the new campus. The purchase cost was $775,000 or . . .
Opening Doors: Honoring Physics Professor Emerita
Vera Kistiakowky
A forum honoring MIT Faculty Newsletter founder and Physics Professor Emerita Vera Kistiakowsky was held on January 11, 2013. A physicist, teacher, mother, . . .
Graduate Student Association:
Pressing Issues for Graduate Students
Soulaymane Kachani
Over the past five years, the cost of living for MIT students has increased dramatically. Stipends, however, have not. We are now in a situation where graduate students . . .
Graduate Student Life, Research Productivity, and the
MITIMCo Proposal
Jonathan King
Few faculty, students, or administrators doubt the advantage of a residential campus over a commuter campus for undergraduate education. The ability of students . . .
MIT 2030: A Capital Planning Framework for the Future
Israel Ruiz and Martin Schmidt
The November/December 2011 issue of the Faculty Newsletter (FNL) featured a number of articles about MIT 2030. We appreciate having this opportunity to reflect . . .
Save MIT Campus Land for Academic, Not Commercial, Uses
Editorial Subcommittee
MIT is much more than the sum of its classrooms, laboratories, dormitories, and recreational facilities. And yet this infrastructure of land and buildings is critical for . . .
Report of the Task Force on Community Engagement in 2030 Planning on Development of MIT-Owned Property in Kendall Square
Teaching this spring? You should know . . .
The faculty regulates examinations and assignments for all subjects.
M.I.T. Numbers
Research Expenditures FY2012