MIT Faculty Newsletter  
Vol. XXV No. 3
January / February 2013
MITIMCo Petition Goes Forward Without Faculty Assessment
Interview with MIT 2030 Task Force Chair Tom Kochan
Concerns Over the Lack of Graduate Student Housing in the MIT 2030 Plan
Task Force on Community Engagement with 2030 Planning
Twenty to Thirty Questions About MIT 2030
A Brief History of MIT's Land Acquisition Policies
Opening Doors: Honoring Physics Professor Emerita Vera Kistiakowky
Graduate Student Association: Pressing Issues for Graduate Students
Graduate Student Life, Research Productivity, and the MITIMCo Proposal
MIT 2030: A Capital Planning Framework
for the Future
Save MIT Campus Land for Academic,
Not Commercial, Uses
Report of the Task Force on Community Engagement in 2030 Planning on Development of MIT-Owned Property in Kendall Square
Teaching this spring? You should know . . .
Research Expenditures FY2012
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Teaching this spring? You should know . . .

. . . the faculty regulates examinations and assignments for all subjects.

Review the complete regulations online at Questions? Write to

No required classes, examinations, oral presentations, exercises, or assignments of any kind may be scheduled after the last regularly scheduled class in a subject, except for final examinations scheduled through the Schedules Office.

First and Third Week of the Term
By the end of the first week of classes, you must provide:
•  a clear and complete description of the required work, including the number and kinds of  assignments;
•  the approximate schedule of tests and due dates for major projects;
•  an indication of whether or not there will be a final examination; and
•  the grading criteria and procedures to be used.

By the end of the third week, you must provide a precise schedule of tests and major assignments.

Undergraduate Subject Tests Held Outside Scheduled Class Times Shall:
•  not exceed two hours in length;
•  be scheduled through the Schedules Office; and
•  begin no earlier than 7:30 PM when held in the evening.

Tests, required reviews, and other academic exercises outside scheduled class times shall not be held on Monday evenings.

End-of-Term Tests and Assignments
In all undergraduate subjects, there shall be no tests after Friday, May 10, 2013. Unit tests may be scheduled during the final examination period.

For each graduate subject with a final examination, no other test may be given and no assignment may fall due after Friday, May 10, 2013. For each graduate subject without a final examination, at most, either one in-class test may be given, or one assignment, term paper, or oral presentation may fall due between May 10 and the end of the last regularly scheduled class in the subject.

Collaboration Policy and Expectations for Academic Conduct
Due to varying faculty attitudes towards collaboration and diverse cultural values and priorities regarding academic honesty, students are often confused about expectations regarding permissible academic conduct. It is important to clarify, in writing, expectations regarding collaboration and academic conduct at the beginning of each semester. This could include a reference to the MIT Academic Integrity Handbook.

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