MIT Faculty Newsletter  
contents Vol. XXV No. 4
March / April 2013

This issue of the Faculty Newsletter features commentary on a variety of issues. Former Massachusetts Secretary of Transportation Fred Salvucci offers "MIT 2030 and the Kendall Zoning Issue," we ask "Should MIT Create a School of Education," and Faculty Chair Sam Allen talks about MITx.

walking in snow
Teach Talk: Dialog on
Right-Now Talks

Patrick Winston takes a Socratic approach to an innovative teaching method.
In Good Company: Professional Help Can Alleviate the Weight of Depression
Physics Professor John Belcher relates his 20-year battle with depression.
MIT Freshman Mentoring and Advising: The Role of the Faculty
Four MIT professors/administrators make the case for expanding freshman advising.
What's Next with MITx
Editorial Subcommittee
President Reif, then Provost Reif, announced MITx on 19 December 2011. Many are getting on board, while others remain skeptical, but one happy consequence is . . .
MIT 2030 and the Kendall Zoning Issue
Fred Salvucci
MIT, through its real estate entity MITIMCo (MIT Investment Management Company), has proposed to the City of Cambridge a significant increase in permitted density . . .
Should MIT Create a School of Education
Nelson Yuan-sheng Kiang and Leon Trilling
With every change in leadership, opportunities arise to discuss major changes in policies, organization, and purpose. MIT is now presented with just such a moment.
From the Faculty Chair
Faculty Roles After MITx Subjects Are Widely Deployed
Samuel M. Allen
Like most people in higher education, I have been thinking a lot about the effects of online learning tools on residential education at MIT. A lot has been written already . . .
In Good Company: Professional Help Can Alleviate
the Weight of Depression
John Belcher
The April 10, 2012 issue of The Tech carried an article by Grace Taylor that I greatly admired. It was about her depression and how she dealt with it. At the time I . . .
Teach Talk
Dialog on Right-Now Talks
Patrick Winston
Through an accident of nature, no recitation instructors were available this past term for 6.034, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence. My TAs and I wondered how we . . .
MIT Freshman Mentoring and Advising: The Role of the Faculty
Timothy L. Grove, Samuel M. Allen, Daniel Hastings, William E. Grimson
As a mentor, a faculty member becomes an essential part of the network that supports freshmen during their transition from high school to university life.
Undergraduates Support Faculty Mentorship
of Every MIT Freshman
Naren Tallapragada, Ravi Charan, Jonté Craighead
Intellectual life at MIT thrives on vibrant exchanges between students and faculty. We have all seen the results of successful student-faculty relationships, from spirited . . .
Survey of Graduate Alumni: Career Trajectories, Entrepreneurship, and Professional Skills
Christine Ortiz
MIT alumni with graduate degrees currently total 79,885 and now constitute over 50% of all MIT alumni. Their accomplishments are diverse, numerous, and bring great . . .
Beyond the Classroom
Why I Live With Students . . . .
Anne McCants
MIT, like all institutions of higher education, has a basic mandate to teach our students how to engage in critical thinking, to communicate clearly, to conduct . . .
30th Anniversary of the Writing and Communication Center
Steven Strang
This year marks the 30th anniversary of MIT’s Writing and Communication Center (WCC) as a professional teaching institution. Started by the Program in Writing . . .
Workshop: Leadership Skills for Science and Engineering Faculty
MIT Professional Education will be holding a workshop entitled "Leadership Skills for Science and Engineering Faculty on June 10-11, 2013.
M.I.T. Numbers
Underrepresented Minorities