MIT Faculty Newsletter  
contents Vol. XXVIII No. 1
September / October 2015

This issue of the Faculty Newsletter features commentary on "Iran and the P5+1 Pact," by Prof. Noam Chomsky, new Chair of the Faculty Krishna Rajagopal's thoughts on the coming year, and Part I of an MIT faculty member's memoir, "A Frog in Water."

walking in snow
Pluto in View! O! The Joy!
A Q&A with Richard Binzel, MIT Professor of Planetary Science and co-investigator of NASA's New Horizons Mission to Pluto.
An Open Letter to President Reif and the Executive Committee
MIT faculty express their desire for the Institute to divest from fossil fuel companies.
MIT Construction Plans Continue to Undervalue Graduate Student Needs
MIT Investment Management Company actions over the summer fail to respond to graduate student housing needs.
MIT's Role in the Iran Nuclear Negotiations
Editorial Subcommittee
One of the major issues before Congress this fall is whether or not to approve the agreement negotiated among the P5+1 nations (U.S., China, Russia, France, UK, . . .
Iran and the P5+1 Pact
Noam Chomsky
Throughout the world there is relief and optimism about the nuclear deal reached in Vienna between Iran and P5+1. There are, however, striking exceptions: the . . .
Pluto in View! O! The Joy!
Richard Binzel
The following Q&A by the Faculty Newsletter was held with MIT professor
Richard Binzel, a co-investigatoron NASA's New Horizons mission to Pluto . . .
From the Faculty Chair
The Year Ahead
Krishna Rajagopal
I am grateful to the editors of the Faculty Newsletter for offering the Chair of the Faculty the opportunity to write a regular column. Together with the new Associate Chair . . .
An Open Letter to President Reif and the Executive Committee
on Divesting from Fossil Fuel Companies
We, the undersigned faculty of MIT, write in support of divesting MIT’s endowment from fossil fuel companies. The unique position of the Institute provides us with . . .
MIT Construction Plans Continue to
Undervalue Graduate Student Needs
Frederick P. Salvucci
During August, MITIMCo (MIT Investment Management Company) convinced the Cambridge Historic Commission to reduce the landmark protection for the . . .
A Frog in Water
Part I: The Forces That Move Us
Thomas W. Eagar
The parable of frogs in water suggests that a frog immediately placed in very hot water will jump out and free itself; while a frog placed in cool water will remain as . . .
Why MIT Is Implementing Duo Two-Factor Authentication
John Charles, Nickolai Zeldovich
Beginning October 1, 2015, MIT faculty, staff, and affiliates will need a second authentication factor for access to MIT systems where sensitive data are stored.
Professor John W. Belcher Receives Prestigious Oersted Medal
Newsletter Staff
John W. Belcher, Class of 1922 Professor of Physics and MacVicar Faculty Fellow, has been awarded the 2016 Hans Christian Oersted Medal of the American . . .
Enhanced Mental Health Initiatives
and MindHandHeart Announced
In a letter to the community on September 2, 2015, Chancellor Cynthia Barnhart and MIT Medical Director William Kettyle announced immediate and long-term actions . . .
Nominate a Colleague as a MacVicar Faculty Fellow
Provost Martin Schmidt is calling for nominations of faculty as 2016 MacVicar Faculty Fellows. The MacVicar Faculty Fellows Program recognizes MIT faculty who have . . .
Teaching this fall? You should know . . .
. . . the faculty regulates examinations and assignments for all subjects.
Status of World Nuclear Forces 2015