MIT Faculty Newsletter  
Vol. XXXII No. 3
January / February 2020
I. The Goodwin Procter Report and Faculty Views on the Jeffrey Epstein Case; II. No War on Iran; III. Professor Aron Bernstein;
IV. FNL Officers Elected
MIT: Where Now?
Straighten Up & Fly Right
Epstein and MIT:
The Unanswered Questions
Aron Bernstein
Catalyzing a Conversation
Statement from the Ad Hoc Faculty Committee on Guidelines for
Outside Engagements
A New Center for MIT
MIT 2020 Quality of Life Survey Launches
Improving on the Probability
of Alumni Connections
Save the Date for MacVicar Day 2020
The Coop and the MIT Press Bookstore
Budget of the United States Government:
2018 Discretionary Outlays
Budget of the United States Government:
Comparative Defense Spending
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The Coop and the MIT Press Bookstore

Amy Brand

To The Faculty Newsletter:

I greatly appreciated Ruth Perry’s piece on changes at the MIT Coop and the sidelining of books (“A Bookstore Without Books,” MIT Faculty Newsletter, Vol. XXXII No. 2). And it made me think Professor Perry and other faculty would be pleased to know the MIT Press Bookstore – temporarily on Mass. Ave since the construction in Kendall Square began – is returning to its Kendall roots in mid-2020 and relocating to the lower level of 314 Main Street.

Although we don’t function as the Institute’s designated textbook fulfillment service, we are an expertly curated bookstore that sells textbooks in addition to academic and general audience books, from several leading publishers across a range of fields. Thankfully, the Coop is not MIT’s only campus bookstore. I welcome any and all input on how the new MIT Press Bookstore can best serve the Institute community. 

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