Florida 2020: Election Administration in the Coronavirus Pandemic

Overall, the 2020 general election went smoothly in Florida and administrators successfully overcame the hurdles the pandemic erected. Canvassing boards counted absentee ballots earlier than in previous years, ensuring that election results were promptly available on election night. Both absentee voting and in-person voting went well, with comparatively low absentee ballot rejection rates, few lines at polling places (except at the start of early voting), sufficient poll workers, and high compliance with mask-wearing requirements for in-person voting. The state experienced challenges, as well, including a last-minute crash of the voter registration website, confusion surrounding a state law that permits former felons to vote after paying court fines and fees, ambiguity regarding the interpretation of rules pertaining to absentee ballot drop boxes, instances of voter intimidation and polling place disturbances, and misinformation regarding voting processes.

Author: Amanda Zerbe

A final report on Florida's performance during the 2020 general election.

Final Report / March 10, 2021
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