Tools for Managing Mail Ballots

Election Group LLC:

Guide to Ballot Drop Boxes:

A guide to assist election officials in the planning, execution, and communication around three types of ballot drop boxes.

Vote At Home Institute:

Election Officials Communication Toolkit:

A kit that provides visuals, sample language, and communications plans designed to help election officials preparing voters to vote safely at home or in person this November.

Democracy Works:

Ballot Scout:

Ballot Scout helps election offices add USPS Intelligent Mail barcodes to absentee ballot envelopes, which allows administrators and voters to track every ballot with the same ease as an Amazon package.

Center for Civic Design:

Voting from Home: Scaling up in 2020.

A guide to the decisions and policies needed to support implementation of mail-in ballots for the 2020 elections

Designing vote at home envelopes and materials:

This workbook includes tips for designing your envelopes and other assets, introduces the vote at home envelopes template, and showcases examples from the states and counties we’ve worked with along the way.

How to Design VBM Envelopes for USPS:

This booklet provides an introduction to the elements you’ll need to send your vote at home envelopes through USPS; best practices and tips related to navigating USPS; and links to more information and resources.

United States Postal Service:

Local and state election officials may use this form to report past or current issues with official Election Mail processed by the United States Postal Service.

Your 2020 Official Election Mail Kit:

In preparation for increasing Official Election Mail volume during the 2020 election season, the Postal Service has developed the 2020 Official Election Mail Kit to help you in the planning and preparation of election-related mail.

State and Local Election Mail - Users Guide:

A guide providing the information election officials must consider before they mail.