Vasily Krylov

Recordings of my talks

At Mathematical Physics Seminar at Perimeter Institute: On Hikita-Nakajima conjecture for some quiver varieties and Slodowy slices.

At the conference on The Geometry of Double Affine Hecke Algebras and Coulomb Branches: On Hikita-Nakajima conjecture for some quiver varieties and Slodowy slices.

At center for Advanced Studies Seminar at Skoltech: Symplectic duality and equivariant Hikita-Nakajima conjecture for ADHM spaces.

Some learning seminars and workshops at which I have given talks

MIT summer school on "Coulomb Branches and Knot Homology", summer 2023: link.

Learning seminar on "Stable envelopes and quantum groups", spring 2023: link.

Geometric Representation Theory, Integrability, and Supersymmetric Gauge Theories workshop, fall 2022: link.

Ben Webster’s learning seminar on "Coulomb branches", winter 2021: link.

Geometric Representation Theory Learning Seminar on "Symplectic Duality", spring 2020: link.

RTG Graduate Research Seminar on "Factorization homology along surfaces and quantum groups", fall 2019: link.

Pre-seminar to the seminar by Daniel Juteau, Carl Mautner, Simon Riche and Geordie Williamson, summer 2019: link.

Learning seminar on Soergel bimodules (in Russian), spring 2019: link.

Notes of some of my talks and study projects

Slides of my talk on Joint Mathematics Meetings AMS Special Session, winter 2023: link.

Talk on "Hikita conjecture for ADHM spaces": link.

Talk on "Coulomb branches and Cherednik algebras": link.

Introductory talk at the seminar "Gaudin model and related questions" (in Russian): link.

Talk on "Generalized slices for minuscule cocharacters": link.

Talk on "On isomorphisms between quiver varieties of type A and slices in the affine Grassmannian": link.

Talk on "Geometry of affine Grassmannian and related objects": link.

Talk on "2-categories and Barr-Beck for module categories": link.

Talk on "Ringel duality for category O and highest weight categories": link.

Talk on "Drinfeld-Gaitsgory interpolation Grassmannian and geometric Satake equivalence": link.

Study project on "Quantum cohomology of Grassmannians": link.

Seminars that I co-organized

Gaudin models and related topics (in Russian), 2021-2022: link.

W-algebras and related topics (in Russian), 2020-2021: link.