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Mac OS 8

A Quick Reference to Known Issues for MIT

This page is targetted towards the IS Support staff at MIT for preparations in supporting Mac OS 8. This guide does not include any general information on the new features of Mac OS 8 unless it is relevant.

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System Requirements

From Apple's Mac OS 8 Installation Guide:

To install Mac OS 8, your computer must have
- a PowerPC or 68040 (including the 68LC040) microprocessor
- at least 8 MB of RAM (16 MB recommended)
Note: Computers that are upgraded with a PowerPC or 68040 processor card but still have 68030 (or earlier) processors that are accessed during startup are not supported.
To use Mac OS 8 a computer must have at least 8 MB of RAM (random-access memory). If your computer has less than 16 MB of built-in RAM, you must use virtual memory. (Mac OS 8 automatically turns on virtual memory when you install it.) To use the Internet applications provided with Mac OS 8, your computer must have at least 20 MB of RAM, either built-in or by using virtual memory.

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Tested Software

In the course of testing Mac OS 8, we've run a large number of software that people normally use around here. Some software we've used heavily, others we've just tried to launch and make sure basic functionality is there. If you do not see the software on the list, that does not mean that it is incompatible, rather that we just didn't get a chance to run it. Compatibility with Mac OS 8 have been incredibly good.

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While compatibility has been excellent for such a big OS upgrade, there are still a couple of problem spots that we need to watch out for that'll be common here at MIT.

Table Of Contents

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