Exercises and more Exercises

These exercises are courtesy of members of WRITERS@mitvma.mit.edu. If you want to provide an exercise, please write it up and send it to mbarker@mit.edu. If you want to comment on this list, please click here.

  1. EXER: The will to write badly
  2. EXERCISE: My Summer Vacation
  3. exercise: finish this story
  4. Exercise: CAME THE CONSTANT
  5. EXERCISE: Poetry
  6. EXERCISE: Poetry
  7. EXER: political memories/emotional states
  8. EXERCISE: Playtime With Julia
  9. EXERCISE: who me? exercise (the wild cliche!)
  10. FILL: EXER: zodiacal lightbulbs
  11. Want to write a bad French soap comic opera?
  12. TECH: Weltanschauung
  13. Exercise: Cube game
  14. Exercise: the symbols of the cube game
  15. EXER: Rat closes airport
  16. EXERCISE: Title Challenge
  17. EXERCISE: Title Challenge
  18. EXERCISE: listening to our shadow
  19. EXERCISE: You Are Invisible
  20. EXERCISE: Finish This Poem!
  21. EXERCISE: Dream Poetry
  22. EXER: Life Addicts Anonymous
  23. EXER: Title Challenge
  24. EXERCISE: Poetic Justice
  25. EXERCISE: Hehehehe... silly old man.
  26. FILLER: Looking for some Exercises...
  27. EXERCISE: Magnifying Conflict
  28. EXERCISE: Writing To Music
  29. Re: FILLER: Looking for some Exercises...
  30. TECH: "Tenning" (was: Falconia)
  31. EXERCISE: Foreshadowing
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