Faculty Advisor

The Faculty Advisor is the person that oversees the program and gives advice when things go wrong.

Prof. Sangbae Kim
Course 2 - Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Professor Kim is head of the Biomimetic Robotics lab creating biologically inspired robots. His currenty working on the third itteration of the MIT robot cheetah which can reach speeds up to 6.4 meters per second!


The coordinators plan and organize the event over the summer before pre-orientation begins. If the lab burns down due to freshmen negligence, they take the heat for it. Literally.

Hector Castillo
Course 2A-6 - Senior
I'm some kind of weird mix between a robot nerd, a cowboy, a tech entrepreneur, and an art connoiseur. I think the only thing I miss more than Tex-Mex and barbecue is binge-watching Game of Thrones.

Daniel Gonzalez Diaz
Course 2 - Junior
From the paradise island of Puerto Rico, you can always expect Daniel to moving despacito until he gets his daily five shots of espresso in the morning.


A mentor is assigned to each group of 4 prefrosh to help them assemble their SoccerBots, as well as to provide insight and experience on what it takes to be an MIT student.

Caela Gomes
Course 2 - Senior
Bio coming soon!

Evan Hostetler
Course 2 - Sophomore
He's actually been to Area 51 with high high-level security clearance. He's seen them aliens! He'd tell you all about it, but he can't. Top Secret.

Laura Huang
Course 2 - junior
Bio coming soon!

Uriel Magana
Course 2A-20 - sophomore
This bio’s ironic because my major is half bio but I actually hate bio. I like 3D printing stuff and solving rubix cubes. Follow me on the gram for hashtag inspiration. #didadifferentFPOP #DMEisbetterthough

Anthony Nardomarino
Course 16 - Sophomore
On his way to become a guitar-shredding, poker playing king in Las Vegas, Tony accidentally stepped on the wrong flight, landed in Boston, and ended up becoming a course 16 at MIT.

Ines Pinilla
Course 2A-18 - Sophomore
Went from Mr 305 to Mr Worldwide. I've always wished that my life got turned into a musical, but for now I guess I can settle for it being on a webpage instead.

Sebastian Uribe
Course 2A-6 - Sophomore
I did DME my freshman year so I am a season veteran. I laugh at my own jokes, and if I'm sarcastic, it's because that should be my middle name. "If you want to fix something, you need to break it even more." - Me. P.S. if you read this please like and subscribe

Franklin Zhang
Course 6-2, Course 2 Minor - Senior
"See that line where the sky meets the sea.... It calls me" - Moana Ask me about "studying abroad" (in quotes for a reason) and changing majors.

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