DME is Discover Mechanical Engineering, one of the Freshman Pre-Orientation Programs available to incoming freshmen at MIT before Orientation starts.

Students generally arrive and check in on the day before DME since activities start early in the morning. There will be an FPOP welcome BBQ the evening before DME as a chance to meet the fantastic DME mentors and coordinators as well as to meet other frreshmen. See our schedule of events

Then, over 5 days, the freshmen will get a thorough introduction to mechanical engineering, including instruction in machining and electronics - skills used by each student to build their own SoccerBot, meet students and faculty in the mechanical engineering department, participate in fun activities, and at the end of the week, match their SoccerBots against each other.

In addition to experiencing the program, freshmen will have a few extra days on campus to get to know MIT, Cambridge, upperclassmen, and each other.

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