TDP has been involved in various activities throughout the world, including, but not limited to:

From this list and reading this website, one can see that TDP's reach has been wide, but all of TDP's past initiatives are not yet covered on this site.

For instance, in Ethiopia in 1970s, research sponsored by TDP helped local citizens to tackle the difficulty of building roads in a terrain etched with ravines.

And also in the 1970s, TDP worked in Colombia sponsoring research programs one of which promoted the use of turbines in rivers to generate power. The turbines were inexpensive, easy to install, and handled basic needs such as running pumps and refrigerators for medications.

Along with other projects in the 1980s, TDP worked in Korea to help establish the Construction Technology Research Institute focused on construction management, CAD, energy supply, and conservation for large housing programs. This was collaborative program of research and education funded by the Korean government and the Korean construction industry.

In 1990s, in addition to other projects including one in Mendoza, Argentina, TDP worked with three major construction companies in Japan: Hazama Corporation, Nishimatsu Construction Co., Ltd. and Sato Kogyo Co., Ltd. This work helped to identify key areas and issues of global environmental change to create future opportunities for the world's leading engineering and construction firms and to suggest effective strategies for capitalizing on these opportunities. We will continue to expand the site to include information on all TDP initiatives.

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