MS Degrees

"An Agent-based Approach to HIV-AIDS Epidemic Modeling: A Case Study of Papua New Guinea," by Rhee, Alisa, 2006.
"Integrating Regional Strategic Transportation Planning and Supply Chain Management: Along the Path to Sustainability," by Sgouridis, Sgouris, 2005.
"Optimization Models and Algorithms for Large-scale, Capacity Constrained Pick-up and Delivery Problems with Time Windows," by Tardy, Raphael, 2005.
"Megacities: Sustainability, Transport, and Economic Development," by Tobias, Justin, 2005.
"Toll Road Public-private partnerships in Malaysia: Using the CLIOS Process for Policy Improvements," by Ward, John, 2005.
"Modeling of Ultrasonic Processing," by Zhao, Wenguang, 2005.
"Robust Airline Schedule Planning: Review and Development of Optimization Approaches," by Agbokou, Claudine Biova, 2004.
"Wavelets and Multirate Filter Banks - Theory, Structure, Design and Applications," by Chen, Ying-Jui, 2004.
"Logistical and Transportation Infrastructure in Asia: Potential for Growth and Development to Support Increasing Trade with Europe," by Deonas, Nikolaos, 2004.
"Driving Confidence and in-vehicle Telematics: A Study of Technology Adoption Patterns of the 50+ Driving Population," by Hutchinson, Thomas E., 2004.
"Minimizing Airline Passenger Delay through Integrated Flight Scheduling and Aircraft Routing," by Sarmadi, Sepehr, 2004.
"The Role of Private Particpation in Enhancing the Indian Transport Sector," by Sharma, Nand, 2004.
"Service Design for Heavy Demand Corridors: Limited-stop Bus Service," by Schwarcz, Stacey, 2004.
"Framework for Designing Regional Planning Architecture for APTS-enabled Regional Multimodal Public Transportation System," by Zakaria, Zulina, 2004.
"The Planning and Analysis Implications of Automated Data Collection Systems: Rail Transit OD Matrix Inference and Path Choice Modeling Examples," by Zhao, Jinhua, 2004.
"Telemedicine as a Disruptive Technology: Implications for Home Health agencies and Nurses," by Khaykin, Elizabeth, 2003.
"Project Identification and Evaluation Techniques for Transportation Infrastructure: Assessing Their Role in Metropolitan Areas of Developing Countries," by Kumar, Vimal, 2003.
"An Institutional Deployment Framework for Intelligent Transportation Systems," by Lin, Sand Shih, 2003.
"Barriers to the Adoption of Telemedicine as Explained by the Disruptive Innovation Framework," by Shaheen, Malik, 2003.
"A Study of Firm's Behavior in the B2B E-business Regime," by Tsai, I-Tsung, 2002.
"GIS Web Services using .NET Framework," by Tsou, Ching Huei, 2002.
"Staged Liberalization: The Politics of Tourism, the Nation-State and the Global Economy in the Arab World," by Hazbun, Waleed A., 1998.
"Simulation to Assess Exterior Enclosure Innovations," by Attai, Leanne Maria, 1997.
"Energy and Infrastructure Policies for Mitigating Air Pollution in Mexico City," by Leautand, Juan Alberto and Perez-Barnes, Cesar, 1997.
"A Comparative Analysis of Public Infrastructure Development in France and the UK," by Atie, Zaid Nicolas, 1997.
"Strategic Impact of Innovations in Information Technology in Construction," by Ramcharan, Rachel Susan, 1997.
"Management and Technology Trends in the Wastewater Treatment Industry," Cocozza, Peter, 1997.
"Management of the Design and Construction Processes of the Boston Harbor Tunnel Project," by Biranis, Osman F., 1996.
"Risk Management in Capital Project Delivery: A Value Study of Changing Trends in Contractual Risk Allocation," by Donato, Umberto, 1996.
"The Development of an Integrated Information System for the Design/Construction Industry," by Noguchi, Satoshi, 1996.
"A Strategic Perspective on Establishing a Virtual Construction Company in the CARICOM Region," by Thomas, Trevor, 1996.
"Risk Management in the Hazardous Waste Remediation Industry: Organization and Project Implementation," by Ayres, Robert C., 1995.
"Priorities for the Mexico City International Airport Under Privatization," by Guzmán, Javier Rojas, 1995.
"A Study of the U.S. Navy's Family Housing Program and Privatization: Methods, Proposed Broadened Authorities, and Risk Analysis," by Sasek, David John, 1995.
"Strategies of Large Construction Firms in Japan for the Open Bidding Systems," by Uemura, Daisuke, 1995.
"Achieving Competitive Advantage Through Coordination-Intensive Construction Services," by Ven Delden, Hans Kristan, 1995.
"Barriers to Cooperative Governments in the Construction Industry," by Willett, David, 1995.
"Design and Implementation of Quality Assurance Process for Hydraulic Elevator Installations," by Pierce, Scott C., 1995.
"Strategic Planning for Turkish Contracting Companies in the Former Soviet Union," by Ergelen, Emrah, 1995.
"Management Issues For Turnkey Power Projects for the Federal Commission of Electricity in Mexico," by Benitez Plauchud, Luis Marios, 1995.
"GAP: A Case Study of the Southeastern Anatolian Project of Turkey," by Camlibel, Mehmet Emre, 1995.
"Project Management Issues on Hazardous Waste Remediation Sites," by Diggins, James P., 1995.
"Competing in a Decentralized and Sustainable World: Future Organizations in the Hazardous Waste Remediation Industry," Garvin, Michael J., 1995.
"Creating Infrastructure for Europe's Unification: Financing and Management of Construction Projects in the European Union," Giannakopoulos, Dimitris, 1995.
"Cost Model for Low-Income Detached Houses," by Hanono, Alejandro, 1995.
"The Dynamics of the Development of Large-Scale Public Projects: A Case Study of the Central Artery/Tunnel Project," by Hesshaus, Michael E., 1995.
"A Comparison of Construction Automation in Major Constraints and Potential Techniques for Automation in the United States, Japan, and Taiwan," by Hsiao, Jen-Chi, 1995.
"Communications Facilities for a Distributed Collaborative Engineering Environment," by Hussein, Karim Mohie El Din, 1995.
"Concrete Lining System for the Continuous Tunnel Boring," by Kelley, Gail, 1995.
"Documentation Requirements for Contractor Pursuit of Delay Claims," by Long, Darren, 1995.
"Business Plan for a General Contractor in the New York City Public Sector," by Minchella, Antonio, 1995.
"How Environmental Considerations Are Changing the Construction Industry: Five Technologies for Lower Energy Demand and Decreased Air Emissions," by Steele, Matthew, 1994.
"The Economic Impacts on Green Product Development," by Chen, Jeff Yen-Chou, 1994.
"Advanced Water and Wastewater Treatment: Implications and Prospects for the Construction Industry," by Haugland, Linsday Ann, 1994.
"Contracting Methods and Management Systems of Remedial Action Contracts within the U.S. Navy's Installation Restoration Program," by Banaji, Darius, 1993.
"The Developing Environment: An Investigation of Democratic Values (Landowner's Rights), Environmental Trends, and Implications for Development: A Case Study of Columbia, Missouri," by Crews, Daniel, 1993.
"Deforestation: Policies Toward a More Sustainable Tropical Timber Industry," by Griffith, Jennifer, 1993.
"Sustainable Development, Infrastructure, and Environmental Investment, and the Privatization Decision," by Liddle, Brantley, 1993.
"Atmospheric Emissions: Opportunities for the Construction Industry in Electrical Power Stations," by Cauchy, Nicolas, 1993.
"Water for Life: Fighting Water Pollution in Eastern Europe," by Frey, Walter C., 1993.
"A Survey of the Environmental Construction Market," by Pendelton, Edmund, 1992.
"Contract Administration of Department of Defense Environmental Restoration Contracts," by Edwards, John H., 1992.
"The Department of Defense and the Construction Industry: Leadership Opportunities in Hazardous Waste Remediation Innovation," by Rossi, Michael A., 1992.
"Constructed Wetlands: A Growing Opportunity for the Construction Industry," by Griffith, Kevin L., 1992.
"Financial, Organizational and Technology Strategies for Wastewater Treatment Projects in Small and Medium-Sized Coastal Municipalities in Greece," by Pandis, Haralabos N., 1992.
"Hazardous Waste Remediation and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Facilitating Technological Innovation," by Dornstauder, Alex C., 1991.
"The Hazardous Waste Remediation Market: Innovative Technological Development and the Growing Involvement of the Construction Industry," by Hoffman, Andrew, 1991.
"ASALVO: A Knowledge-Based Expert System for the Seismic Safety Assessment of Existing Structures," by Mijango, Carolina, 1989.
"Detection of Leakage from Large Storage Tanks using Seismic Boundary Waves," by Halabe, Udaya B., 1988.
"Automation of the Visual Inspection of Constructed Facilities," by Tonyan, Timothy D., 1988.
"MIS for Disaster Handling: A Case Study," by Ramirez, Mauricio, 1987.
"Detection of Subsurface Fluids and Its Application to Automated Inspection of Water Distribution Networks," by Micaelian, Fadi V., 1987.
"Solar Ponds for Electric Power Generation: Cost Model and Feasibility Study," by Dintrans, Phillippe, 1985.
"Decision Analysis Case Study Using Insurance/Self-Insurance Tools in Remedial Geotechnical Work," by Suzuki, Masatoshi, 1983.
"Energy Use in Construction Materials for Building Floor Systems," by Al-Zaben, Hani Ibrahim, 1982.
"Streets of Islamic Cairo: A Configuration of Urban Themes and Patterns," by Al-Sayyad, Nezar Mahmoud, 1981.
"Form and Territory: A Comparison Between Four Areas in Cairo," by Bakr, Sawsan El Sayed, 1981.
"A Planning Model for Irrigated Agricultural Expansion: A Methodology and Case Study of the Nile Delta," by Allam, Mohamed Nasr, 1980.
"Application of Fracture Mechanics to PVC Pipe Materials," by Darwish, Ahmed, 1980.
"Water Balance Estimates of the Machar Marshes," by El-Hemry, Ismail Ibrahim, 1980.
"Issues Facing the Development of Contractors n Egypt," by Selim, Tarek Mohamed, 1979.

Engineering Degree

"Development of the Construction Industry in Egypt," by Selim, Tarek Mohamed, 1983.

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PhD/ScD Degrees

"A Multiscale Approximation Algorithm for the Cardinality Constrained Knapsack Problem," by Krishnan, Bharath Kumar, 2006.
"Electrostatic and Affinity Enhancements of Protein Partioning in Two-phase Aqueous Micellar Systems," by Lam, Hei Ning Henry, 2005.
"An Evolution of the State of Affairs of Grid Computing: Current and Future Projections," by Haque, Mesbah, 2005.
"Electrostatic and Affinity Enhancements of Protein Partitioning in Two-phase Aqueous Micellar Systems," by Lam, Hei Ning Henry, 2005.
"Engineering Mammalian Cell Line to Improve Sialylation," by Ngantung, Frederyk, 2005.
"Global Transcriptional Analysis of an Escherichia Coli Recombinant Protein Process during Hypoxia and Hyperoxia," by Perry, William B., 2004.
"The Environment-Development-Population System: A Treatment of Global Sustainability," by Liddle, Brantley, 1997.
"The Environmental Transformation of American Industry: An Institutional Account of Organizational Evolution in the Chemical and Petroleum Industries (1960-1993)," by Hoffman, Andrew J., 1995.
"The Dynamics of Project Management: An Investigation of the Impacts of Project Process and Coordination on Performance," by Ford, David, 1995.
"Aligning Infrastructure Development Strategy to Meet Current Public Needs," Miller, John B., 1995.
"Flexible Manufacturing Systems and the Housing Industry," by Altobelli, Frank, 1995.
"Turning 'Green' Organizational Change in the Army," by Martin, Gregg, 1992.
"Condition Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Structures using Electromagnetic Waves," by Halabe, Udaya B., 1990.
"An Accelerated Development Strategy for Developing Countries: An Informatics Decision Support Systems Approach, " by El Sheriff, Mohamed Hisham, 1982.
"The Simultaneous Prediction of Equilibrium on Large Scale Networks," by Safwat, Kamal Nabil Ali, 1982.
"Methodological Issues in Irrigated Agricultural Expansion Planning: Scheduling, Income Redistribution, and Resilient Design," by Allam, Mohamed Nasr, 1981.
"Essays on Structuralism and Development," by Boutros-Ghali, Youssef, 1981.
"Fracture Analysis of PVC Pipe Materials," by Darwish, Ahmed El Sayed Younis, 1981.

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