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Easing the transition between advanced degree programs (masters, PhDs, post-docs, etc.)
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About Us

The Consulting Club at MIT (CCM)

The Consulting Club at MIT aims to facilitate a seamless transition from graduate school to a successful career in management consulting through awareness, skill building, and networking. We consist of a vibrant community of 500 student members and 60 alumni members.


We organize discussion panels, firm info sessions, and have informational databases that members can use to learn more about the consulting industry.

Skill Building

We run resume critique workshops, business discussion panels, case interview practice sessions, and the MIT vs. Harvard Case Competition in collaboration with the Harvard Graduate Consulting Club to help students build the skills necessary to become a consultant.


We work in collaboration with consulting firms and other organizations in the Boston area to give graduate students opportunities to network with colleagues who share similar interests.


Consultants value students who show leadership and initiative. Ask our executive team if there are oppotunities availble for you to join and make lasting impacts!

Executive Team

Meet the CCM Executive Team


Yuan Cai



Casper Enghuus

VP of Volunteer Consulting Group


Evelyn Yuzhou Tong

VP of External Relations & Webmaster


Yuan Zhu

VP of Professional Development


Aman Jalan

VP of Case Competition


Yifan Wu

Event Organizer of Professional Development


Drew Biedermann

Event Organizer of Professional Development


Chris Karpovich

Event Organizer of Professional Development


Jiayue Zhao

Event Organizer of Professional Development


Jade Bath

Event Organizer of Professional Development


Seong Soon Jo

Event Organizer of External Relations


Hassaam Ali

Event Organizer of External Relations


Club Events

The Consulting Club at MIT holds a variety of events that are designed to help you succeed in the consulting world. These events help our members learn about the field of consulting and gain insight through real world experiences. CCM Event Calender

Volunteer Consulting Group (VCG)

VCG gives students the opportunity to get first-hand experience at consulting. VCG is a 6 week project where 6-7 students will tackle a business problem faced by a startup in the Boston/Cambridge region. Join the mailing list to learn how you can participate in this exciting event

Annual Winter Social

Annual Social is one of the biggest events organized by CCM in the Fall semester. First half of the evnet involves a panel of ex-graduate students who have just received offers from different consulting firms. Covered topics are well suited for people who are new to but interested in consulting and curious about the journey that other advanced degree candidates have been through. Following the panel, attendees can start networking with the panelists and all other attendees. A great way to form connections and get ready for your next step in career planning

Make the Leap

Make the Leap is one of the biggest events organized by CCM in the Spring semester. It brings together a panel of ex-graduate students who have embarked on careers at top consulting firms. Make the Leap discusses the transition process from graduate school to life as a consultant. More specifically, the moderated panel addresses why and how to make the transition, how an advanced degree fits into a consulting career, the application process, and interview tips, among other interesting topics

MIT-Harvard Case Competition

Held for the first time in Summer 2008, this event offers graduate students from Harvard and MIT the opportunity to work in teams on a business case under the mentorship of professional consultants. This 10-day event begins with a Kickoff presentation of the case, followed by team mentoring sessions with consultants and industry experts. The final presentation is a day-long event showcasing the top Harvard and MIT teams. The event generally consists in 80 participants and more than 150 attendees

Case Practice

Case practice events are a great opportunity for students to get ready for interviews. They consist of presentations from consultants and one-on-one practice with other CCM members

Lunch with Consultants

Lunch with Consultants brings together a small group of students with consultants. This is perfect for opportunity to get a taste of what is involved in consulting, or simply to keep up to date with the interesting news stories from the business world


Database Resources

Consulting Firm Database (updated on 2021/03/16)
The purpose of this database is to help advanced degree candidates identify and narrow the list of consulting firms to which they apply. We aim to provide an extensive list of available firms, focusing, in particular, on firms that recruit actively from MIT. For each firm, we provide relevant information (e.g. locations, salary, internship opportunities, etc.) to help advanced degree candidates understand the potential pro’s and con’s of joining each firm. In addition, we aim to provide qualitative information about different firms including but not limited to: work-life balance, firm culture, travel percentage, the types of projects the firm might work on, and other information. This information would help advanced degree candidates determine whether they might be a good fit for the firm and vice versa.

Case Practice Resources

You can find our curated case practice resources here.
You may apply the discount code (19mitcc200) from (Case Interview Examples & Case Interview Prep). Note that we don't endorse any of the resources on the page.

Consultant Interview Resources

Are you interested in hearing about consulting from the perspective of consultants who have made the leap from a Ph.D. to consulting? In our Consultant Interview Series (CIS), we interview former Ph.D. students about their experiences as consulants and interview preparation.

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering MIT '17

Boston Consulting Group

Karim Chehayeb

Ph.D. Biology MIT '12

Bain & Company

Michael Gaviño

Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering MIT '15

Sage Analysis Group

Barry Scharfman

Ph.D. Physics, Statistics, and Data Science MIT '20

QuantumBlack, McKinsey

Constantin Weisser

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