MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative


Towards a Brighter Future

MIT Sloan Sustainability

Initiative Annual Report 2022


It’s an unusual word to associate with climate action–though perhaps it shouldn’t be.

When we think about the work we do with our community, we often feel joy. It unlocks our creativity, strengthens our resolve, and fills us with the energy and enthusiasm we need to keep moving forward. We feel it when our Sustainable Business Lab (S-Lab) students solve companies’ real sustainability problems, when our Sustainability Certificate graduates advance sustainability in their field, and when we share new research and tools that help organizations advance evidence-based solutions.

After all, climate action depends on communities being able to contribute their distinct ideas, talents, and resources to meet the challenge. As we look back on what our community accomplished last year, we’re proud that we approached our work with rigor, urgency– and of course, joy.

Communicating our Impact with Clarity

In 2022, our team began reflecting on our current efforts and aspirations—the impact we’ve made to date, and how we present ourselves and communicate with others. After all, effective communication is key to driving meaningful impact.

One result of that reflection is our new visual identity, which captures the essence of what we do and who we are—a team committed to people and our planet, to identifying and acting on windows of opportunity, and to bringing a rigorous, systems-thinking approach to sustainability.

Beyond our new visual identity, we’re honored to share that Yulu PR Inc., an award-winning social and environmental impact communications firm, will collaborate with us as we work to strengthen our strategic communications and impact relations. Their expertise will help us quantify our impact in an ethical and transparent way, and inspire us to make the adjustments we need to remain nimble in the face of new global challenges and opportunities.