Prof. Nicholas Fang

2.71/2.710 Optics (offered in Spring semesters)
    Recomended Textbooks:
        Introduction to Optics (3rd Edition), Frank L Pedrotti , Leno M Pedrotti , Leno S Pedrotti, ©2007 • Addison-Wesley
        Computational Fourier Optics: A MATLAB Tutorial, David George Voelz, ©2011, SPIE press
        Introduction to Fourier Optics, J. W. Goodman, 3rd edition, ©2004, Roberts & Company Publishers

2.718/2.719 Photonic Materials (offered in Fall semesters)

    Recomended Textbooks:
        Waves and fields in optoelectronics,  Hermann A. Haus, ©1984 Prentice-Hall
        Elements of Photonics(Volume II), Keigo Iizuka, Wiley Series in Pure and Applied Optics, ©2002, Wiley.
        Principles of Nano-Optics,(2nd Edition), Lukas Novotny, Bert Hecht, © 2012, Cambridge University Press

- 2.S993  Thermal-Fluidic Science in the Kitchen (Spring semester, 2014)