Richard K. Lester

Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Recent Media Interviews (selected)

“What’s the secret to MIT’s success as the world’s number one university?”QS, August 2022 read

“For great challenges, a global strategy” MIT News, May 17, 2017 read.

“To be more productive, it’s not enough to be more efficient. ” La Segunda, September 15, 2016 read in Spanish. pdf

“Massachusetts: Mass effect” Nature, August 31, 2016 read. pdf

“Japan’s adherence to nuclear power critical at home and overseas” Tokyo, Japan, February 21, 2015 read

“Can We Solve the Energy Problem Without Nuclear Power?” Yale Climate and Energy Institute, July 6, 2014 watch

“Nuclear power: Fading away or powering up?” Here & Now — NPR, July 8, 2013 interview

“The most important innovation challenge we face” The Science Show — Australian Broadcasting Corporation April 20, 2013 interview

“How Should We Deal With Nuclear Waste?” Wall Street Journal April 11, 2013 read discussion.

“Energy Innovation And Nuclear Power” Climate Change. Challenges. Solutions. presented by Cognoscenti, wbur transcript. March 2013.

“Energy and Building Innovation” A Commonwealth Club panel. January 2013.


Recent Op/Ed Pieces

“In the war against climate change, look to the states”, Boston Globe
“Why Fukushima Won't Kill Nuclear Power”, Wall Street Journal
“The High Costs of Copenhagen”, Wall Street Journal
“Clearing the Path Toward a Nuclear Renaissance”, Boston Globe
“Il Destino Energetico”, La Repubblica
“How to Prosper in a Globalizing Economy?” Irish Times
“China's Energy Dilemma,” Technology Review
“New England's Potential as an Energy Giant,” Boston Globe
“A Creative Economy,” Industry Week


Recent Videos

“Asian American Scholar Forum: Managing Academic Collaborations with Chinese Institutions at US Universities” Webinar, November 17, 2021 watch video.

"Energy Innovation in a Time of Fiscal Austerity and Policy Uncertainty".
Panel discusssion. Bipartisan Policy Center. February 7, 2012. watch video

Richard Lester on Nuclear Leadership Challenges after Fukushima. download audio podcast.

MIT150 Infinite History Project


Recent Public Lectures (selected)

“Digital Technologies and the Productivity Puzzle” Santiago, Chile, September 8, 2016.

“Nuclear Innovation” Science and Technology in Society Forum, Kyoto, Japan, October 6, 2014 Download pdf

“Can we solve the energy problem without nuclear power?” AAAS 2014 Annual Meeting — Chicago, February 15, 2014 Download pdf

“The Nuclear Innovation Imperative”, MIT Club of France, Paris, June 2, 2013


“Nuclear Innovation” Science and Technology in Society Forum, Kyoto, Japan, October 6, 2014
Download pdf

Can we solve the energy problem without nuclear power? Download pdf of talk

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