Richard K. Lester

Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


22.77 Nuclear Waste Management

Professor Richard K. Lester

Introduces scientific and engineering aspects of the management of spent fuel, reprocessed high-level waste, low-level wastes, and decommissioning wastes. Characteristics and classification of nuclear wastes and waste forms. Fundamental processes and governing equations of radionuclide transport in the environment. Discussion of performance assessment for repositories. Design principles and evaluation methods for geologic waste disposal systems. Final team project.

22.812J, ESD.163J Managing Nuclear Technology

Professor Richard K. Lester

Examines current economic, management, and policy issues concerning nuclear power and its fuel cycle. Introduces methods for analyzing private and public policy alternatives, including discounted cash flow methods and other techniques in engineering economics. Application to specific problem areas, including nuclear waste management, weapons proliferation, and the economic competitiveness of nuclear power. Other topics include deregulation and restructuring in the electric power industry.

22.813 Applications of Technology in Energy and the Environment
(Offered under: 1.149, 2.63, 5.00, 10.579, 22.813, ESD.174)

Professors John M. Deutch and Richard K. Lester

Introduces advanced undergraduates or graduate students in the Schools of Engineering and Science to the integration of technical, economic, political, and environmental consideration required for the successful implementation of new technology. Case studies are drawn from the energy and environment sectors with some emphasis on analytic techniques that serve as a "tool box" for students. Technologies considered include fossil, nuclear, solar, wind, fuel cell and energy conservation. International aspects, such as weapons proliferation and global climate effects, also discussed.


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