by Julia Tenney
Answer: QUARTZ
Problem: Arbor Day Town/​Bloomsday Town

This puzzle is based on the site, which spent most of the year letting visitors know that:


The clues presented in this puzzle all solve to anagrams of SETEC ASTRONOMY plus one letter. A new clue is presented each time the page is reloaded. After 23 clues have been seen, the puzzle loops back around to the first clue.

The extra letters, in clue order, spell the instruction for solvers to DEPICT ANAGRAM OF YOUR TEAM. Upon doing so, solvers were told the answer to the puzzle, QUARTZ.

D STORMY ANECDOTES Brief amusing stories told by Avenatti’s adult film star client
E MACRON EYES TOTES Emmanuel regarde les sacs
P SPECTATORS’ MONEY What buys beer at most sporting events
I COARSE TESTIMONY Evidence that might seem a little rough
C SYCAMORE CONTEST Where the winner is awarded ‘Best Tree’
T TOT MEETS CRAYONS Child is introduced to Crayolas
A MAYOR ON CASSETTE Mixtape featuring the best of Marty Walsh
N SCENERY OTTOMANS Hassocks used for set dressing
A NECESSARY TOMATO Essential nightshade
G MONSTER YOGA SECT Orcish community that practices Ashtanga
R TYCOON STREAMERS Crepe garlands for a magnate
A NASTY MOOSE CRATE Disgusting container that’s used to transport Bullwinkle
M STACY’S METRONOME What Miley borrows from her drummer to keep the beat
O ONE COSMOS TREATY A single pact to make peace between A Personal Voyage and A Spacetime Odyssey
F SOFT ACRONYM TEES Comfy shirts imprinted with ‘NASA,’ ‘UROP,’ etc.
Y TOY STORY MENACES Andy’s neighbor Sid, and his dog, Scud
O ECONOMY TOASTERS Discount bread appliances
U MOUSE OCEAN TRYST Romantic encounter with Mickey on a Disney Cruise
R MONASTERY CORSET Garb for a burlesque monk
T MY SENATORS’ OCTET Warren, Markey, and six fellow musicians (according to a Bay Stater)
E AMNESTY ECO STORE Human rights organization’s environmentally conscious shop
A SAO TOME ANCESTRY Faduley has this heritage
M MESSY MET CARTOON Sloppy animation at major Manhattan museum